Monday, September 10, 2007

~Precious Picture~

Accidently saw this picture from Ah Yee personal collection. Well, this is really a 'precious' & memorable picture. Because of sharing this picture to you all, mummy even break personal record to appear in this blog for the first time. None of the picture in this blog, show clearly mummy face, the most side face, back & etc.....

and NOW, for the first time....ta...da... :-)

Ok, to make it more fun, i put my princesses picture too, to see if anyone of them look like mummy or ah Yee? What's your say??

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

~New Skill~

Jiejie learn a new skill recently, being a 'potografur' :) Honesty, feel jiejie is quite good taking all those pictures. Here are some photos she took few days back when meimei 'yoga-ing'. How come meimei knows yoga? saw her daddy do she oso do lor.... Ok, now mummy can sit back & relax, asking jiejie to take photos for mummy blog's material! Come on, 1, 2, cheeeeeseeeee... :P