Thursday, November 30, 2006


Yesterday Jiejie was very happy and excited, the moment i stepped into my mother in law house, she has get ready herself for her music class later start at 8.15pm. Yes, she likes the music class sooo much and always look forward to attend it every Wednesday. Well, she is not learning piano or guitar or wat (she is only 2yrs++ wat, too young for her to pick up those music skill!), its more like a play group with music background for the whole games. For example, the teacher will ask each of them to roll a hulahoop w the music is on. Once the music stop, they all shd stop, or when the music goes faster, they shd roll the hoop faster too....... ( this calls music class? :P)

When we are just about to leave, suddenly heard a very loud thunder and immediately followed by a heavy downpours, that time was about 7.45pm....another 5 mins has passed, the downpour has gotten heavier and heavier! I know we had no chance to attend the music class liao.....Jiejie still wondering how come we are still at home and keep pushing me...'mummy, girl girl 'yao qu' (want to go) class...i keep on told her to wait for a while, c if any chance the rain will be lighter later....

She run here run there, went to c outside if really got rain and come back again and again, repeatly said girl girl 'yao qu' (want to go), girl girl 'yao qu'.....and think she was fed up with my same answer to ask her to wait...Finally, she told me this, "mummy, 'jia yu, na yu san lar' (raining, use umbrella lar)! I dunno how to answer her as she still dunno how wet we could get even if we use umbrella...

Afterwards, i called the music centre to check if we can get a replacement class as we can't make it due to the downpour...and the answer is YES! The staff also told that there is no one there too and the time was about 8.10pm oredi! But the class still on case there is anyone come in.

"Jiejie, today's class has cancelled, teacher Samantha said raining heavily, can't make it." (Sorry Jiejie, mummy dun mean to tell u a lie, but sometimes 'good lies' make things better! U'll learn this later, darling! :-D). Poor Jiejie, she was very very disappointed until wanna cry, as she waited about a week to attend the last nite music class.... Quick quick, i distract her sadness by playing some puzzles and masak masak w her...and lucky oso, daddy came back earlier and jiejie seems like forgot about the class then...Wat a relief! PHEW...

Pray! let's pray! pray tat no more rain on next Wednesday, if have to rain oso, pls rain earlier and stop by 7.30pm, pleeeeeeaseeee...... :-P

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

1st Blog in my life

Well, struggle a lot if i shd hv my own blog....not confidence with my powerful 'inglish' grammar, scare people who reading it later will bomb me with 'smelly duck eggs'! :P But i desperately wish to have one each time i discovered my 2 princess funnie acts. This will grows stronger & stronger and to a maximum yesterday when i accidently read my old mail sent to my friend toked about one of my jiejie's joke. How i wish i can remember this joke until they grow old enough to understand and will be laugh fr their heart when they heard it. But too bad, am a very forgetful mummy! Somehow i even couldn't remember clearly how they looked like when they are still a baby! Oh no mummy, jiejie is only 2++ yrs old and mei mei is only 15 months. :P

OK, dun care... dun care if got ppl to read or understand. All i wish is only jotting down my 2 princess daily life, everything about them..... hope this blog will somehow evidence/reflect on their way of journey to grow as a lady. :-D

To celebrate this 'grand opening' of the is one of my favourite joke fr my jiejie

Nowadays, we always ask jie jie what is her name, to ensure when the time she enroll to nursery later, the teacher call her name, she will know is calling her lar..
Wat is ur name : Ng Xin Yi....... good girl!
Wat is mei mei name : Ng Bao Yi......good girl!
Wat is mummy name : Ng Ah Mun.......Huhh!
Wat is kakak name : Ng Robiah.........Hooohh!
Wat is pa pa name : without thinking..... NG LOU GONG!! (me and her daddy fainted!! :D)

Yea, i've share this joke w few of my frends, somehow still not enough until its inspired me to start my very 1st own blog. (Can't help, each time i read it, i'll still laugh mar! 'qi xin mou?' :D)

B4 to end my 1st blog, i must say Millions Thanks to 'mommy of 2 angels'....u hv been so helpful to me all this while, not only the 'blogging' but always be there whenever i need someone to 'fat lou sou'. Am blessed to hv u as my gf eventhough we hardly meet up for 'yum cha'......(hey, u need tissue or not? hehehe).

Last but not least, hv to thx my lovely hubby too....he is very supportive with this blog's opening. (pura-pura oso need to thank him mar....hehehe :P )