Tuesday, February 27, 2007

~Stressful Life~

After a long break of CNY, the workload had been piled higher than my height! A lot of issues need to follow up, and some reports chasing by my boss. Life has been very stressful nowadays. Hubby still not fully recover fr his sickness, mummy reaching home much more later than last time. Have no times for my princesses, quite sad sometimes for the kids. Seing mummy around 7-8pm++, go to bed by 9pm++ time spend with them not even 3hrs daily except weekend. Pathetic rite?

Think tats the reason, my princesses recently stick to me a lot and meimei even 'lou gai' everday. But my maid told me she is very good girl when am not around. I know they want my attn, by how ler? when mummy reach home, damn tiring liao...really not afford to playing with them. Even reading to them oso i lazy to do nowadays, dun even mention teaching my jiejie at home. Most of the time i just on their favourite Barney show to keep them away from me. I even not able to attend any yoga class and this lead me quite depress nowadays.

I hate this type of life, hope this is only for a while. Still struggling find a way to adjust my work in office as my boss always ask me to do things by 5pm, should i say NO to him! At least not for this stage, this is only my 2nd week here.

Pray, pray hard so that my life can be improved slowly, not always packed by my work only.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gong Hei FAtt Choi!!

Yahooo!! 'guo lin lor'!!! Will be away for CNY break, may you and your family enjoy good health and good fortune during the year of the Boar. Drive safe yea for those balik kampung 'guo lin'. ^.^

My princesses wishing all aunties uncles : Gong Hei FAtt Choi! ^.^

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My own remedy of de-stress!

These few days really stressed by those numbers in my works. Well, one of my biggest task wld be helping my boss do some revenue forecasting. Aiyoh, i look at those report, they know me i dunno them! the numbers sounds familiar yet soo far to me!! Think really need sometimes to figure out how to read those numbers reports!

Yesterday was the worst as i had a meeting with boss until 7pm++ and later stuck in the jam like crazy when heading home! Ei, i know yesterday was Valentine's day, but horr, if stuck in the jam like 1-2hrs then only reach the restaurant let say.....still got mood to eat meh? if give me lobster oso i had no appetitie i think, whatever lomantik lomantik oso gone lar.....^^

Btw, reached home around 8pm++ and din manage to bring my jiejie to her music movement class lor, too late ledi ....promise to bring her to Mcdonald today as compensation. Whenever i feel stress or down i like to bring them to playground. Love their laughs and funny funny action. Ok, to de-stress, here are some photos taken last weekend ....

The princesses enjoyed themselve very much in the mini pool and the 'walker' game. Look at the way Meimei put her legs by the side of walker....this 'Walker' game idea came from daddy. ^.^

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do you have any unforgetful valentine's day??!!

Last night had a pre-valentine dinner w hubby, on the way back i kept asking hubby when was the most unforgetful valentine for him. He scratched his head......hhhhmmmm....speechless a while........then, told me 'mo wor'! and he asked me back how about mine??

Aiyah, b4 i asked him tat question, definately i've asked myself.....and i have none too! tats the reason i kept asking him last nite! Sounds pathetic rite? Well, b4 married, we were long distance relationship. Whatever the 'big day' sure 'mo ngo dei fan'....i remember last time we keep hook on to the phone! until everybody surround us complain us but we still tok until our ears red and pain oso dun wish to put down the phones. U know lar, tat time was madly in love! Listen to each other voice oredi very 'lum' lar, :P and later toking over the phone bcome our must to do b4 go to bed each nite. Can u imagine, tat time such a lovely and young gal din really go out at nite and keep locking herself in the room every nite for 'boiling phone porridge'! Everybody oso 'geleng' their kepala lar!

About 3 yrs we maintain our relationship over the phone, and finally we decided to be together forever. Hubby is not those romantic type, we dun really celebrate those 'big days', the most only go out for a dinner. Well. i might not have any unforgetful valentine day, but i remember clearly and appreciate whenever (very rare nowadays la) hubby will write me a short note and stick on somewhere obvious, not those 'u r my sun, my moon.....i lurve yu, yu lurve mi' but like.........when the last time i worked fr home, he take out an extenstion wire, leaving a lil note .....so that i can do my work in the living room, cos all the living room plugs are full or the wires are not long enough. or another example, he left a note reminding me drink more water when he is away fr town. Not those 'lum lum' notes but very daily related notes. But still those lil notes really bright up my days once a while in my life. Aiyah, its like tat la, if everyday got those notes then it won't be sooo sweet and special anymore, rite? Ok, this is to convince myself dun always expect those lomantik lomantik, consider bonus if got once a while. Same like ppl always said if in love everyday oso valentines day! Wei, sure this is not to cover for those din celebrate the valentines ahh??!!

Happy Valentine to everyone!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First day in HQ

Yesterday was my first day in HQ, met my boss in the morning, straight away he kicked me to attend a meeting. Notice given not even more than15mins i think. :-) What would happen then! blurrrrrrrrp all the way in the meeting la...sumore the meeting was dragged for sooo long, fr 9.30am till almost 1pm! My stomach keep making complaint cos din manage to take bfast earlier mar!! my hands and legs oso shivering inside, cold and hungry la! very torturing!!

Daddy kept calling me in the meeting but i din pick up his call. U know la, first meeting mar....stick on the chair till the end lor!! Who knows, daddy wanna tell me that his car being banged by a 'Pajero' in Serdang! My heart felt one moment, 'mm hei kuah' dun tell me the accident happened in Serdang broadcast over the radio earlier morning involving few cars, you r one of them!! "No lar...tat one was happenend in Serdang hospital, mine was in Serdang and a minor one" daddy clarified. **Phew** Anyway, daddy's car had been sent to a mechanic in Seapark, of cos to be beared by the uncle who banged into daddy's car la. Heard daddy said the boot 'kemek'a bit and the mechanic promise will 'kau tim' these 2 days wor. Good la, we need daddy's car to go back ipoh this Sunday for CNY!

Left office earlier yesterday as i need to pick up daddy and head to MIL house for dinner. Daddy mood oso not good la, eventhough he keep saying its ok seems the accident is the minor wan...but understand la, afterall who will be happy after a accident wor!! We went to sleep quite early last nite, dunno wor, seems like we have go thru a very tiring day!!! Dunno due to the jam, meeting or daddy's accident??!!

Oh yea, something wanna mention about my new place. The workstation over here is bigger and nicer. but guess what?? Am sitting just next to the boss, very close to the boss!! :P Luckily heard my colleagues said most of the time, he won't be around, attending meeting or meeting customer. What to do? Eventhough i dun really like to sit next to him but think positively, better than sitting on his lap rite??!!!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

The Z-list : Just do it & pass on :)

The Z-list : Just do it & pass on :)

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Last day in CBJ office

Today is my last day in this office, brought some chocolates, sweets and keropok for my colleagues here, some of them very blur, asking me y today bring sooo many snacks for them??? :P Can't blame them, i din go and braodcast mar!! Hehehe!! Think shd start packing after the wellfare lunch with my collegues later. Eeee.....almost a year working here, good or bad, happy or sad ....would be my part of memory liao....

Anyway, its not like ppl resign lor, am just relocation lar...so, not much sadness, cos am still under the same BU, and still can meet my collegues in our IM. More uncertainties than sadness in my heart actually, not sure how hectic is my new role, not sure how terrigible the jam is, not sure how easy going my new mgr, more & more.... and the most worry part...not sure got time for blogging there or not?!! See, am sooo addicted!! :-D

Bcos of the uncertainties, some of my personal plans have to be put on hold first like my yoga & belly dancing classes. What to do?? later signed up can not attend, wasted lar!!

Next Monday.....next monday is a brand new working life for me! Wish me luck!!!! ^.^

Thursday, February 8, 2007


How should i describe this pair of sister? Well, sometimes they can be close to each other like 'tong chi dou' (sugar stick w pea) or else they can fight with each other like 'sui kou you' (water campur oil)!!!! I enjoy seeing them chasing each other in the garden w loud laughs, holding hands together, sleeping peacefully in a same bed......but very headached when they fighting by pushing each other, pulling hairs, shouting ........I Just need more 'kapak' minyak angin. ^.^

Love these pictures taken during our last trip to Gotong, especially looking at the back of my princesses holding hands together, my heart just melt, very touching! Hoping the sisters keep on holding hands thouroughout their growth journey, lean on each other shoulders when tired or whenever down! and continue their journey hand in hand after rest enough.......

Wahhh... wat's wrong with this mummy today, 'mo sek yiok' ahh (not eating medicine ahh)??!!! Dunnoo..... just touching seeing the princesses every single development and milestone....... ^.^

To my princesses, "mummy love you all! more & more everyday! Be good girls and dun always fight yea! Minyak angin at home not much stock ledi! ^.^

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Something cheap and nice to share......

Sorry to misleading some mummies i got sumore good news. Eh....scratching my head now to think of 2nd good news...Ehh....OK, i lose 1kg these few days due to not feeling well can consider as good news ahh?? Hehehe.....

Wish to share something cheap and nice lar...not good news.
Here u are...all the CNY decoration picture u see below, come in 1 package and it costs RM10 only, inclusive of 21pcs (all big + small) lar...promised Mommy22angels to post this up. Last wkend in fact, went to Pasar to buy one pack for Mommy22angels, mana tau, out of stock..No more liao... :(

BTW, look like too early for me to say it was a good news yesterday morning.......cos by evening 4pm++ my boss suddenly IM me to start work there next Monday. Oh no, i haven't start to eat the those yummy food here and some of my colleagues are away this week too!! Means i won't have a chance to say tata to them .....and the worst is my Valentine plan w hub next Thursday oso been spoilt!!! What to do??? "Wen sek gan lan!!" *sob, sob*

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Am back with a GOOD News!!!

Received email from Jacelyn asking y i disappeared for few days, very touching leh!!!! **tissue pls!**Thx for your mail Jacelyn!

Not feeling well these few days, having very bad cough!!! The funniest part is, my colleages tot am pregnant AGain??!!! cos they heard me 'huupp, huupp...' all the time, aiyah, ppl got ph mar... Come on lar, how come they can not differentiate the coughing and the morning sickness??!! One of them told me, cos heard i always coughing until wanna vomit like tat mar!!!! OH NOOOOOO!!!! Its NOT, NOT pregnant! Clarified myself for 2nd round this morning! FAinted!!

Anyway, today i must post something happy and nice! cos next Sunday is our CNY liao...YEAH, really looking forward to go back hometown! Yea, i miss my parents plc, everything about the small town where i came from. Dunno y, nearer to CNY i feel more exciting, call my mum almost everyday! just to catch up w her or chat this chat that which nothing important at all. Dunno how much my tel bill costs this month, hehehe...Can't help, wish to go back in next mins!! I know my parents miss us too especially my princesses. ^.^

Well, my good news today is ......... TaaDaa!! NOOO!! not having another baby!!! but having increment salary for about 20%!!!!!!! Happie larrrr....at least now i have more worthy reasons to travel daily to my HQ. Anyway, will only commence to work in HQ after CNY, means still got about 1 wk++ to hang around with my colleagues and eat all the yummy food here! :P

Besides this good news, i still got something nice to share! Too bad! times up for today's posting! Now in the midst of handing over some of my current roles. Bit tied up recently lar..... If got time i post antoher one later!! Stay Tune yea! :-D