Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What to buy?

Today feel much better! FINALY! But hor, now Mummy has another issue to think....

Just got $200 vouchers from my office, yea not much...that's y i can't decide if i should go for skin care, fragrance or some wearing apparel! Really can't decide! Its not $2000 but only $200, so whatever i buy sure hv to top up my own pocket money!

Well, few of my colleagues use the vouchers to buy a pair of 'CROCS' for themselve and they pursuading me to do so too....

So much to buy, yet too lil money to spend! :-P

Monday, October 29, 2007

Money not enough! :-P

Since last Thursday, mummy was down with fever for 2 days, later with very serious throat infection till now still suffering...

I couldn't eat most of the thing for the last 2 days, may be due to the ulcers or throat swelling i hardly can eat any food. My troat is so painful when the food reach that area, like burning till my tears out. Porridge out, soup kueh teow out, even my own home cook soup oso can not dun even mention for others solid food. So yesterday, suffered hungry all the day...and may be due to shout at the princesses few nite, it was getting worse. Not even can drink a small pack of milk. GOSH! really can't find a word to describe my suffer and torture!

In fact yesterday early morning, mummy went to see another doctor as the medicine given by the first doctor seem helpless to my sorethroat. This round, the doctor is quite old & experienced, he advised to get injection as my throat infection is very bad. Initially i agreed, when the doctor asked the nurse take our the jab, suddenly something came in my mind and asked how much is the jab. Lucky i asked, doctor said the jab costs about RM50...aiyah, i only brought RM50 out and i had bought some lil groceries before proceed to the clinique. Very pai seh, i told the doctor, i will come for 2nd round as i dun bring enough money.

The doctor later subcribed some good medicines (good antibiotic lar) asked me to try at home first. If can not then, go back to do the injection. So this is the first time, mummy's money not enough to see doctor. Who knows throat infection oso need to inject wan wor.... :P

Anyway, this will serve a lesson to me too...always bring more extra money to see doctor even just the normal GP doctor, u never know what will happen... :P

I wish this sorethroat nightmare fast fast over, it's really torturing when u r hungry but u can not eat! i understand that feeling now! But look at the bright side, hope can lose some weight lar....crazy horr woman! :-D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Low Low CUT!

This morning msn with m22angels, somehow we tok about low cut....and this remind me a funny story which i wish to share here.....

On the last last Thursday, 2 days before Raya mummy had a team dinner that nite. Thought going out for dinner, better wear a nicer blouse + black long sleek pants...End up wore a new black blouse which bought 2 days ago. Well, the blouse is Rayon (soft, heavier & stretchable material ) quite low cut, but with standing position still orite.

Here is the picture of my black blouse. The blouse comes with a spagetti-strap inside, kind of 2 in one. To secure my self from explore too much...mummy used 3 small pins to pin the spagetti -strap with the bra, hopefully the spagetti won't drop here & there. Everything seems fine....

Who knows after reach office, and sitting down, half of my boobs almost come first i din really realise its so low...until a guy collegue who sitting next to me, when walking by and say hi...early morning mar, i saw his attention was on my explored part....

Since that moment, my scarf was on my neck and covered my upper body for the whole morning, and guess what?

I rush to department store and bought another new blouse first thing during my lunch time on that day and here is the pic of my 2nd new blouse. :P

Can't help, i told myself ...Enough! enough to do charity on that day!! i dun wan to treat ice cream to guys' eyes anymore!! Lucky, only one guy saw my black blouse and no one was aware that i changed a new blouse to dinner. Ok, ok, i admit that i oso a very typical CINA type...hehehe!

And i did a right thing, during the dinner, i was so relax and feel safe to enjoy my crabs without worries on the low low cut!! Well, mummy learn a lesson too, when trying a new cloth in the fitting room, can not just stand there.....we must try many actions & different position. for eg. squatting (can not sit on the floor rite?!), jumpping... whatever u can think lar....cos diff position u might have diff view....Oooppps, then i scare the ppl waiting outside might getting frustrated and kick the door, how?! :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Wah, really 1 mth full away from blogsphere....the last post was 10 Sept, and today is 10 Oct! What can i say? Good date to return back! :P This morning when i try to log in, mummy even forget the what is my user name & passwords. Tried few times then managed to log in. This is the result of being away from blogsphere too long.......

Mummy was really busy for the whole last week, and daddy oso flied to Jakarta very frequent lately. Almost every week! So, mummy was busy for the work and the princesses at home. Luckily, this month won't be so hectic cos of the Raya festivals. Mummy & daddy will be on leave for the next whole week to celebrate this festive together with our Muslim friends.

Mummy even get a new hairstyle for this Raya!! Mummy had been very bored with the previous straight hair. So this time, asked the hair stylist to design a new hairstyle for me. Surprisingly the result not bad, ...will post my new hairstyle once i get a new card reader.

One month not posting, my digital photos card reader oso lost ledi....sigh!! :(

This is my new curly hair, my friends who knows me well will know this is my first tried of having curly hair, all this while my hair was long & straight. After being straight for so many years......Now a new look for me!