Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Meimei start going to Jiejie same kindy since June, i am happy that she didn't make much fuss attend to school.

She didn't even cry for the first 3 days, eventhough no one accompany her to kindy. Mummy expect her to be a independent gal and also mummy counting on Jiejie oso to take care of her. Well, on the forth day she start cried (may be she knows kindy is not her own territory not like my parents in law plc or at home).

Well, mummy must said that she was clever to give reasons when mummy asked her. She claimed that she 'become smaller' not big enough to attend school. Mummy was really amused by her reason. She used that reason for 2 days i remember. But mummy also very clever to tell her that no one can become smaller only bigger. And also telling her firmly that she need to attend to school.

The second week of schooling, may be she saw that the reason she give couldn't make mummy buy in...this round, she gave another reason. She cried & complained that the transporter's car is not comfortable! and for that she doesn't want to schooling. Yea, she is a clever gal, i must admit! clever to make up all those reasons! :P Well, mummy still send her to kindy without compromise.

Thank God, meimei eventually didn't complain anymore and didn't cry also in kindy. That was the 2nd week not even end. Mummy is really glad for that. Now, she is more than happy attend to kindy. Every morning, she is the one wake up earlier than her sis and asked kakak to prepare her to kindy.

For mummy, nothing is happier than seing meimei happily go to kindy w jiejie every morning. Well done, my meimei! my lil princess! Must praise jiejie oso, especially the first few days when meimei cried in kindy & keep looking for jiejie. Jiejie busy taking care of her until didn't eat much during her bfast time in school! she complained she only ate one bowl (usually 2-3 bowls) and get hungry even b4 the school end! Hahahaha!

Some photos had been taken and will be loaded soon...