Monday, November 26, 2007

Fry rice, fried rice, fright(ening) rice.....

Last Saturday suppose to bring my princesses and hubby to one of my colleague's house for gathering....Out of sudden, my princesses & hubby all got flu! Dunno who pass the virus to who la...End up, all of them went to see doctor last weekend! See, mummy always quote, mummy is the strongest at home! Once again to prove myself right for that statement! :P

The gathering was 'pot-luck' style, mummy suppose to provide 'fried rice'. Kakak early morning already cooked the rice....Mummy looked at the rice, headached! So much of rice how to finish? As the rice was cooked quite sometimes, when ate the lunch time, my pricesses oso dun wanna eat....told me the rice no good, very hard wor...

So, no choice, have to make fried rice lor...So Saturday nite, fried rice for 3 of us (Ah yee, mummy & Kakak) and marcaroni for those who were not feeling well. Ok, first fried rice was 'yong jou chao fan' ....... Later at nite, when mummy still wonder how many more fried rice i need to make....Ah yee told mummy, she is willing to take some as she has to work the following day Sunday! Happily, mummy cooked 2nd type of fried ricce on that day! This time, mummy cooked 'Kampung' fried rice!

Wait, the rice not finish yet....and last nite, mummy cooked the 3rd type of fried rice....dunno this time call what fried rice! The fried rice even can fill up to 3 same containers! Daddy brought one box for his bfast, and mummy brought 2 to office...Later will have 'fried rice' lunch with mummy's collegue! Ok, No more 'fright' rice for mummy at least for another few weeks!! :P

Monday, November 19, 2007

Flirting? OH NO!

This is a backdated post.

Daddy was away to Jakarta for the last 2 weeks, well mummy suppose to go home earlier when daddy was not around. Unfortunately, mummy was being tide up with the office workload and THANKS to my boss oso, always look for mummy at the last minutes before i left office.

MIL had query too, and asked me to go home as early as possible. Last Tuesday finally, i left office early and went to do a facial treatment. As usual, facial treatment end for 2 hours, and i reached my MIL place even later.

At first i din realise anything, when reach my own maid came to me and asked, 'ma'am, why u wear ur blouse reverse side yea? Oh no, i din aware i wear my blouse 'terbalik' (reverse side) after the facial treatment. I had change my blouse and wear the special 'robe' for my facial treatment earlier....

Ok, now....if you are my MIL....What do you think? This dotta in law always come home late when her son is not around, sumore came back with blouse 'terbalik' (reverse side)!!! OH NO......

Well, daddy is back, and today is the first day he goes back to MIL's place, let's see if MIL has any story to tell daddy? I hope i think too much here.... :P

Friday, November 9, 2007


Yea, there is a very jealous lady in my house lately. Not jiejie.....not meimei.......but this mummy!! Yes, mummy is very jealous recently. Jealous to who?

The answer maid : Kakak Robiah! Well, the story begin with the last 2 weeks when mummy was sick, the 2 princesses were sleeping with kakak as daddy not able to handle them both to sleep. And, after then, the 2 princesses like to sleep with kakak and not with mummy anymore! :(

Mummy has been played some tricks, hopefully the princesses will come back to sleep with me. By telling them how mummy will miss them if not seing them sleeping around me. Jiejie is mature enough to pity mummy, so she came out an idea to sleep one nite with mummy but sleep with kakak the following nite and so on.... When mummy asking for more nites, she told mummy ...mummy still have meimei to accompany mar.....

Yea, meimei every nites will agree to sleep with mummy at the beginning, but will always go down to kakak's room at the end .....looking for her 'yao yao' (swing)! End up the 2 princesses sleep with kakak for countless nites.

I've asked jiejie why she likes to sleep with kakak? her answer not kakak she choose to, but kakak's room is nicer to sleep wor....Daddy & mummy had been analyse the situation, we concluded that the princesses might feel more secure and safe sleep in kakak's room as her room is smaller and more quiet. Our bedroom sometimes can be quite noisy, as all types of sounds can be hear due to the fact that the room is facing to the main road.

Well, daddy is away to Jakarta for these 2 weeks, mummy had begging the 2 princesses to sleep with mummy. Luckily 'po po' is visiting us for a week, and the princesses had switch their preference from 'kakak' to 'po po' these few nites.

Thanks to 'Po po' the princesses 'indirectly' sleep with mummy as 'Po Po' will accompany them to sleep in mummy's bedroom! :P

Daddy is fine for the princesses to sleep separately as he is in the view that they sooner or later also have to sleep separetly but mummy feel a bit sad..... Yea, mummy is still hunger to sleep with them, like to see their peaceful way of sleeping (very angel's look), like their smell, like to touch them when mummy sometimes woke up in the midnite.....Wah, sounds like mummy very disturbing in the midnite horr, no wonder they choose to sleep with kakak not mummy ler.... :P

Mummy really dun mind to sleep with them eventhough sometimes the princesses can be very fussy in the midnites, cos to mummy...... the princesses grow very fast, so appreciate when they are small, they still stick with you....if not sooner or later, when u wanna sleep with them (like now ler) they also dun want!! Yea, mummy will not give up, will try to come out more 'tricks' to bring them back to sleep with mummy!! Mummy next 'big mission'!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

You made me proud!

Today is jiejie's nursery Parents Day, early morning mommy went to see the principle to get jiejie's progress report.

According to the teachers & principle there, jiejie is doing very well in her class. She is very helpful to the teachers and friendly to her friends too. The principle told me jiejie is like a 'class monitor' nowadays in school and she is the only student who shows leadership in her class. All the teachers give her very good comments and she score all '1' (excellent) in her progress report card. Yea, 3 yrs old where got all those academic subject, but more on their skills, attitudes and etc. No matter what it is, mummy oredi very happy and proud to listen all those 'highly rated' comments hopefully not 'over-stated'! :P

To my jiejie : Mummy is glad that you r doing well in school, keep up the good work, darling. Mummy hope you continue enjoy your school days and happy always. I love you, darling! :-)