Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you.....

Time meimei turns 2 today! Had a pre-birthday party for her on last sunday, a small & sweet one.

Meimei now a big girl liao, she likes to order her jiejie not to do this & that! She can speak quite well recently, can express in full sentences clearly. I still remember few days back when her jiejie kicked fuss and keep crying. Meimei 'command' her jiejie to 'stop crying, if not mummy will lock u in toilet!' :P

Well, she knows this, cos i've locked her in the toilet before. Meimei sometimes can be very fussy & 'lou gei'! want you to do this & that, but still she crying for nothing. So, i was very angry one day, told her if she still wanna cry, then better cry in toilet. That's how she ended up crying in toilet for few seconds.

Since that incidence, she learn her lesson and can remember clearly until she able to remind jiejie oso.

Lil updates for meimei :
*can sing a lot of songs now, same like her jiejie, we have 2 singing birds at home now. :-)
*can express clearly her needs & wants.
*can play longer without fighting with jiejie now, still fighting most of the time lar...
*improve in all those motor fine skill games, for eg. she can do well for beading nowadays and even for colouring.....
*improve in memory too, mummy just bought 1 set of animal flash cards (38 cards) 2 weeks ago, meimei can memorised most of the animals now.
*she is very loving to her soft toys friend, she likes to hug them, tell them not to cry, 'meimei sayang you' pat, hug & even kiss them like her own child, well nature of mothering i guess! :P
*like all the ladies out there, meimie oso a drama queen lately, crying is not the only way for getting attention nowadays...her new trick, this minutes she can still sitting tight on the sofa watching TV, and the next minutes seeing mummy & daddy coming home, immediately, pretend crying pointing her finger pain, when mummy asked more, where else got pain pain? she start pointing her tummy, face, leg.....basically all over her body pain, and asking mummy to kiss her painful part! What a Cheeky princess we have! :P

Afterall, she still our QUEEN at home. Like mummy always say, biggest wish is my princesses to stay healthy & happy. Ok, one more for meimei, wish her eat more and 'grow more meat'!! Too skinny lar, my meimei.

Happy birthday to our Queen, and YES, your commands may we obey!! :P

Friday, August 17, 2007

3 minutes realization!

Heard this from radio station, 98.8 this morning, and it keep me to think quite a while......There was a research carried out in one of the University US. They choose 3500 students to do a research, asking them why they pick their current major subject or what they want to be at that time. 87% of them because their parents want them to choose, choose for good money or follow the major trend at that time, while the remaining 23% choose what they like and base on own interests.

20 yrs later, they contact back these 3500 students, 100 of them have become millionaire. Surprisingly, 99 of the milionaire are from the 23% where they love their job and passionate about it, only 1 of the millionaire is from the major 87%. The research proove that most of the successful ppls are pasionate and really love with what they are doing. Not like most of them who don't have the passionate for the job, they do mainly for surviving purposes. This research oso told us as parents should encourage to explore our kids interest & passionate, help them to develop their strenght but not pressing them what to be because of what we want them to be.

Think back, even now i 30yrs++ oredi, i oso dunno what i like and what my interests are. Last time, my parents only asked me to study, study & study. We study for the sake of our exam at school. After exam, all we memorised hard give back to the teachers & lecturer. Same like most of the students nowadays, homeworking, study hard hopefully can pass the exam with flying colours. The exam results seem like the most important thing, if ur results no good, u like no way out and useless. How many of us as parents really help our kids to explore their talent, interest and passionate. Most of us, hoping them to do well in their exam. Pathetic rite?

Even now, i ask myself, if one day my jiejie growth enough, come and tell me this, 'mummy, i am very confidence in singing, all the ppl said i have the talent, i love singing and want to be a singer.' or meimei tell me this, 'mummy, i want to be a model as my carreerl!!' What would be my reactions then? Will i support them? Willl i respect their own choice? Dunno, really dunno......just hope that day won't come so soon!!! :P

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Boss is away for few days, only will be back on Thursday. Better take this opportunity to clear some of my 'dusted' pilling tagssss.


Even before i get this tag from Mylifezone, i have been asking myself hundred and thousand times, FTWM? SAHM? and i still yet to decide. Even if i resign and bcome 'plofesunal' SAHM, still it won't be so soon.

The main reason SAHM would be for my 2 princesses of course! All of us know now the syllabus for primary school is no longer as easy as our last time. Think parents really need to put effort and times to guide the kids on the homeworking! Another major reason would be our society safety, i really been scared by all those kidnapping, killing and raping case nowadays. Just too much and scary!! These 2 reasons are enough for me to sacrify my work for the sake of my princesses.

Yea, i admit its hard for me to decide as i scare i have no pocket money if being SAHM in future. Thats why i told daddy to work harder, hopefully he can support my SAH's allowance 2-3k monthly. I can take care of my home and kids without a maid then. Daddy, u hear me?? :P

Well, think & plan always nicer than reality......esp when i see my princesses smiles & laughs, i wish to stay with them all the time.....

But when they fighting, crying, complaining......
Meimei : momee, jiejie 'da wor'!! (jiejie beat me) Wuahhhhhhhh......
Jiejie : Wuaahhhhhhh, mummieee.... meimei 'yao wor'!! (meimei bite me) !!!

If so, mummy wish to run far far and go to office then.... :P

Saturday, August 11, 2007

***100th post***

This is definately another milestone for mummy in blogsphere, eventhough mummy hardly to post nowadays and really take long time to come to 100th post. 1st post started on 29th Nov 06, means take about 9 months for 100 posts, prorate would be 11 posts monthly, 2-3 posts weekly. :-)

Whatever issit, still wanna shout HOORAY! HOORAY for this 100th post. Wish mummy have more time and more material to post in future. Gambateh for mummy and all the bloggers friend out there! :-)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Yohooo! No works, no princesses finally for one day! :-)

Managed to sneak out for a break, in fact it was a very last minute planning. Called my boss last nite, told him i need to take an emergency leave for attending my personal matters.

Yea, really need a emergency break for myself before becoming breathless piling by the work loads. :-P The happiest part is i am not alone, M22angels was with me oso for a day break. Two 'lovely' ladies both take leave to do 'woman most favourable activities' ------ SHOPPING.

Well, quite fruitful our shopping today, i managed to get myself 3 tops, 1 pair of sandals & 2 pairs of earings, M22angels oso able to get a top & pant for herself. So we quite satisfy with our shopping theraphy today, sumore we had gone for a nice authentic Thai lunch. Not only that, we oso chit chit chat chat, sharing our happiness, future plans & dreams and of course some of our 'complaint storry' too.

Feel so good untill still happy at this moment, dunno leh, just feel happy happy a lil girl found her long lost lollipop! :P

At home, my princesses somehow love my new sandals too...Here are some photos taken when both of them happily sharing to wear mummy's sandals. Really rare scenario as the princesses quite hard to tolerate with each other nowadays......May be they know mummy is happy and they oso happy kuah! Just a mummy's wildful thought, okie?! :-D

Monday, August 6, 2007

Office Politics!

Mummy was a victim between 2 mgrs politics.....this incidence happened since last week, as one of the lady manager from other dept requested me to send her a report. Well, the report involves all the sales reps in my dept. My manager is aware of this, but he thought its a easy & simple one untill last Friday when he requested me to get prepare his meeting charts, i told him i was in the midst doing the earlier report which requested by another mgr.

Immediately, my manager 'naik angin' asked me why i've put so many effort and time on this. Showed him what i have to do for the report, he more anger......Asked me to stop doing that tedious analysis, well, he is not anger with me, but the lady manager.....Told me she is very good using other ppl's resources, summore told me to be reminded myself that i won't get review for doing all this ppl's jobs.

Alamak, i was like stuck in the middle, i know i know the lady manager's kind of person, summore now she is the big boss's apple. That's y i can not say NO in front of her mar....She had been taken me for a discussion for 1 1/2 hours, briefing me what to do and what she wants...

The incidence ended by sending her a note, saying that i not able to do it as i need to assist my mgr to do some other matters, followed by a note from my manager later too....asking her to seek some other ppl's help on this. Mummy thought this incidence should end on that way.....

Who knows this early morning, the lady manager had been searching me like mad. Asking me why i throw back the file to her.....and she is very disapponted with me all those says lar....Aiyoh, i told her boss need me for some other stuff mar, then she said i din call her and tell her lar, the last friday, whole day she was in the back to back meetings, never check her mails lar...Come on lar, how i know she din check her mail leh....Sumore she said, am i expecting her to do her own during weekend....Hey, i should ask her another way back, if she dun wish to work on weekend, same as mine!

Without saying much or dispute with her, i told her to call my boss, anything talk to my boss please. I hate to get stuck in all these politics, by right i should follow my boss's intructions, but office is very famous with the changes of structure, you won't know when your boss will be changed. Afraid i under her one day (who knows?), then i really no way out..... :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Piss-off Day!

So pissed off in the office today as i initially plan to on leave next monday, who knows a manager from other dept asked me to do some shit job. Told my boss, his reaction was like, pls do as what she said and its for our team's good.

Wah lau, sent me email on 9am++, need 6 reps to revert on their own transaction updates, and i need to submit the report to her by 1.30pm. Wahhhh.....u tot so easy meh? all ppl must listen to u meh? u said 1.30pm must 1.30pm ahh! As i expected, not manage to get all the reply from the reps...and i dun care, i just dump whatever i have in the report and press enter to send!

The best part was, request me to send the report every monday by 9.30am. Aiyoh, i only able to get the data by Friday evening....means i have to work at home during weekend lar...

See lar, piss-off anot? so next monday's plan still not firm yet! Arrrggghhhh.............

Back to MIL place, SIL was there with her kids. The whole nite heard them toking about my jiejie, keep saying jiejie is overweight and very fat. My MIL even asked me if i give any snack to jiejie when we reach home. Halo, we always reach home around 8pm++ the earliest, and the princesses will go to sleep around 10pm++ Where got time for them to munching all those snack. In fact my princesses at my MIL place much more longer and they having snack most of the time is at MIL place and get the snack from their Ah Kong & Ah Mah! Arrrggghhh...........

Later SIL even commented not to let jiejie eat too much, especially dun let her have milk b4 bedtime. Aiyoh, jiejie is still small lar, and all this while she needs to drink milk b4 goes to bed. This time i really pissed off, grabbed my handbag, told my maid to get ready to leave....B4 i heard the last sentence finished from my SIL (she was talking to jiejie, asking jiejie not to eat so much) I told them it doesn't matter if jiejie is really that fat, the most important thing is she stays healthy! Then, i brought my princesses out from my MIL house.

Come on lar, don't they aware they are putting pressure on jiejie too? jiejie was not happy in the car, keep telling mummy she wants her 'nen nen', jiejie no fat, can anot mummy?....Aiyoh, very pitiful lar.... Later reached home, i heard jiejie is having some coughing. Oh no, not AGAIN! Neh...those ppl lar, keep saying jiejie is fat, if jiejie fall sick, i'll blame them! Cos chinese believe small kids are very 'siu hei' (sensitive)

Jiejie's weight : 16kgs, height : 95cm. Not that fat & serious rite?! Arrgghhhhhh..........