Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Yesterday definately not a good day for me! One of the Sales Rep dunno which wire of her brain get misconnected...scolded me in the public while i still in the midst, dunno what was happening at that time. She was so rude, the first sentence came out from her mouth oredi so loud! and her voice get higher and higher, and finally shout those bad words towards me! and the worst was the matter she shouting about is not related to me at all! but she keep blaming on me not follow up for her! This is related to her own sales plan which i have no idea at all.

As our work stations quite opened, and she scolded so loud....other team all standing and see what was happening. I warned her to stop yelling at me and she yelled back at me and asked me to shut up! What a crazy woman! she must tott she is a Queen or what!

I was super duper mad about her, and immediately i wrote a email to her and cc boss, the note as follow :

Fyi, the below reminder was sent on behalf of BOSS. I was upset that you yelled & shouted at me just now asking for your claim of XXX. Am not sure how's the claims to be done. But if you asking for my favour to check for you, can you pls say in polite way? I will be love to help. Personally, this is not a professional way of handling a issue or asking for help. And pls mind your words too, STUPID & USELESS definately not the good words to shout while we have other teams around.

Copy to BOSS
Boss, can you pls help XXX in this?

When the boss back, i told him the whole story, who knows he saw me so angry, he asked if i cried bcos of the incident?! Argghhhh.....i was mad & upset till the peak this time! Is it only important if i cried? i wonder! Come on lar, for me... to shout and yell in the office definately is not right oredi! Sumore i was been blaming for nothing, sure i angry and gone mad lar....

I packed my things and went back afterwards, my boss called me, hoped me not to get up set for the matter and told me he had warn her about this. But this morning, i din see any warning note from him...May be he think verbal warning is more than enough!! Arrrggghhhh!!!!

My hubby said i should immediately at that time insist her apology or else bring the matter to HR. Arrrgghhhh!!!!!! Crazy woman! Wish her to change to another dept as soon as possible. Recently, heard rumours she asking for transfer....think nobody wants her, cos she is famous with her attitude problem! Seriously, i dun understand why so many people scare of her, especially the bosses! May be she is the type who really can blow a issue as she has no shame to yell and shout at anybody (including boss) openly!!!

God, if you hear my pray, pls remove her and make her not to appear in my eye anymore.......

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tag #2 : My Favourite Food

Thx to Grace for this tag. To do this tag, i purposely 'ta pau' this taiwan mee last weekend, and i had eaten this mee for the past 2 weekends, which mean i had eaten the same mee for 3 continuous weekend!! A bit 'jilat' tim!! hehehe!

This is one of my favourite food in my housing area, a lovely young lady running the stall in a coffeeshop, the coffeeshop located in Sg. Long, its a corner coffeeshop near to Pasar. If am not mistaken, the coffeshop name is 'Fan Wah'.

Well, i like this Taiwan mee as the soup is not so much of 'Ajinomoto' and the 'tau keh soh' is very generous on giving the ingredient. Basically, the taiwan mee consist of 'taiwan sausage', 'lobak', seaweed, lettuce, bean sprout, egg, minced pork and 'fu pei'.....RM3.50 per bowl, very worth for price. The mee oso dun have such taste of 'ngan sui'. My hub & princesses love this mee too. :P

P/S : As am a food lover, going to tag few friends below, share lar....then, we have more choice for good food....hehehe...


Mama Tang

Etcetera Mum


Instructions :

**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang,

JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow

Lovely Mummy loves Ipoh Dim Sum

Msaufong loves SK Spicy Pig Stomach Soup

Jesslyn likes Tangkak beef noodles.

Grace loves Prawn Mee from Melaka

Cutieprincessmummy loves Taiwan Mee

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tag #1 : The meanings of Princesses' name

I have few tags pending for quite some times, clearing them slowly...... Sorry ahh, to those who has tag me as i take so long to do the homework. Ok here it is.....

Get this tag from Montessorimum and Jacelyn, Thx yea, ladies! :-)

Jiejie : Ng Xin Yi  黄馨仪

I was very excited when pregnant with Jiejie, after knowing my jiejie to be a baby girl, mummy start looking dictionary, hope to name her with a special & meaningful name. Mummy like the name of 欣怡 (欣 means happy, 怡 oso means pretty and happy). Yea, mummy wish the baby girl to be a happy girl, daddy oso agreed with that.

After give birth to jiejie, to respect the parents in law, we inform them with the name. PIL insisted to bring to Sifu 谷中鸣 to get a suitable name for jiejie. My PIL believed name is very important and it might affect your whole life.

They saw few examples and one of the most significant was my 2nd BIL. Initially PIL name him with a name consist of fire, and the 2nd BIL since small always get sick easily and most of the time was fever. MIL told me that time the 2nd BIL was suffering a lot as keep getting sick. The PIL heart ached looking at him lar. Then, someone told them try to change the name, things might getting better. They found this Sifu谷中鸣and get a new name for the 2 BIL, ironically, since they changed the 2nd BIL name, the BIL rarely to get sick anymore! Looking at that, PIL brought all the names of the family members to the sifu in order to get a more suitable name.

That was why I kena conned by my lou gong’s name last time, he told me his name is ying yong in mandarin I thought is 英勇 which means brave and macho….who knows is 音咏means music which definitely softer.

Ok, back to jiejie’s name, the sifu found欣怡is not good for jiejie, end up he gave馨仪 which is the same pronunciation. But hor, daddy worried that jiejie will get up set when writing her name as her xin consists of 21 strokes! :P

Meimei : Ng Bao Yi  黄宝仪

Meimei, my lil princess come to our family exactly 1 ½ yr after jiejie. Meimei’s name is definitely easier as we decided to take back the same one word from jiejie, Xin or Yi? Daddy said xin is difficult to write, so we took the last word, Yi…..

This round mummy only need to find one nice word for meimei, easier rite? And lastly mummy choose 宝仪 (宝 means precious), the sifu oso found the name is good for meimei. Yea, it might sounds ordinary, and this is exactly we want to name meimei wish her to be an ordinary and happy girl (no need to be so stunning!) and most of all she is our precious!

Daddy & I din choose a Christian name for my princesses, we both agreed to let them to choose themselves when they mature enough.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

~Crraaacckkk~ Fracture!

Daddy is suffering fracture on his right leg, near the ankle part. How he get this? Well, daddy is leaving his current company and this Friday suppose to be his last day. His colleagues arranged a basketball game, so call last game on Tuesday nite.

Think daddy was playing very hard that game, when the time he tried to grab the ball, he accidently stepped on his colleagues foot and fell on the floor. The clash impact must be very big until daddy got fracture about 1mm, according to doctor, if the fracture reach 3mm, then need to screw back the bones!! Scary rite??!!

Now daddy need to wear the cast for 1 1/2 month and he learn a new skill too.....'walking with the crutch'!! :-P

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~Butterfly Lover~

Heard this story from my colleague, feel that very touching leh....

My colleague's dad has passed away last yr, my colleague and her family went to look for the 'spirit medium' <问米婆>to check how is his dad doing down there? His dad keep asking the children to take good care of the mum and he won't bring her along....Ok, this is not the touching part, in fact bit scary rite?

The romantic part is according to my colleague, her parents were very loving couple, although 60++ they still hold hands, and the father loved and dotted the mother soo much....he would go to Kuala Selangor to buy the fresh seafood for his wife, brought his wife to do exercise together with him and even helping the mother to choose the undergarments!! The regret part is her father pass away very sudden and they have no chance to say good bye to him, esp the mum wish to tell him that she loves him very much and she hopes she is the one who pass away first......

The ironic part is whatever the big events held in the family, they would found a big beautiful butterfly around. Her brother knows the mother very sad of losing the hubby, so he decided to get marry hopefully the mum will feel better and his wife can take care of the mum too. During the tea ceremony, when the mum's turn to drink the tea, a big blue butterfly fly around and stay next to the mum's seat....they believed is the father coming back to join the ceremony. Another occasion, when they do the ceremony for his birthday <生忌>, A butterfly flied into their house too, this time the butterfly flied into the bedroom, kitchen and lastly.......stay flying above the mum's head before it flying away! The mum very sad and cried in sob, cos she belived was her beloved hubby to visit them and say good bye to her.....

Of course my colleague, the kids oso very sad looking this, she told me they oso say good bye to the butterfly....and until now they still worried for the mum, cos last time when the dad alive, they spend most of the time with each other...

When my collegue told me this story, i felt so sorry and sad ....... hope her mum will get better & better although i believe its imposibble for her to forget her lover.......

Friday, May 18, 2007


Ouucchhh.....dunno since when grow a pimple on my chin! Aiiyoh, aunty long time nvr get this stuff. Now having this, quite irritating lar... How come suddenly grow a pimple wan?? nope, not the premenstrual symptom definitely! :P eh, imbalance hormone ahh? 'hhmm hei guah'!! or due to not enough sleep??

Ok, Aunty admit that sleep quite late recently, like last nite only went to sleep by 2am...What was i doing? hehehe.....'Pai seh' to tell tim....

No,, dun get me wrong, not stealing ppls' chicken horr....only.....only....chasing those 'mui mui chai' series watching the 'Hana Kimi' '花样少年少女' Taiwan series, starring by Ella (member of SHE)...okok, i know i know, aunty has the generation gap with those actor & actress! and the story line oso quite 'sam pat'<3>....but somehow i found it very funny and happy to watch it wor, sumore the 'didi' actors in the series oso quite 'leng chai' lor....

Ooopppsss, dun tell me tat's the reason to get the pimper.....watching too much leng chais, too HOT until grow a pimper?! Hahahaha.......

Solee, think aunty not enough sleep...a bit 'gila' now... :P

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

10 ways he pissed me off

Wanna pass up this tag, before my 'blogging day' end. Time flies, here gone my one day of blogging, hehehe!

Get this tag from Jacelyn, 10 ways he pissed me off....

Aiyoh, i've been long time din care what my lou gong did to piss me off.....Dun get me wrong, not that my lou gong is a perfect man! In fact not long time ago when my hub & i had a lot of quarrel & fighting...Every single thing he did oso will piss me off!

At one time, i really wanna leave him as can't stand him anymore...

Lucky i din do that, sometimes when we angry, we really drive ourselve to a narrow point...

Lately, our relationship improve a lot and grow stronger too...less argument and surprisingly what he did will drive me mad last time, dun really irritated me anymore. May be the way i look at it diff oredi kuah...

Whatever it is, here r the 10 ways which he pissed me off

1. He can hide himself whole day in the study room....not reading, but playing games. U wanna see his shadow at home oso difficult as he so addicted to the games. He only appear for lunch time or if we ready to go out, provided i remind him again & again...

2. His car aircond always so light flow, can't feel the air cond when i sitting at the back with my princesses. Asked him to on cooler, he said oredi cool enough...ONly God knows, sometimes am so hot at the back and busy entertaining the princesses, can make me wanna vommit sometimes...

3. He quite stingy for the fine dining, if i asked him to bring me out for fine dining, his standard answer is...i rather use that money to buy something else, spend soo much on the food, later oso hv to shit out....u say lar, 'sei mou'?!

4. Sometimes he take things as granted too..esp taking care of princesses, he has a view if am not free, still got maid mar, and he can do at his own stuff by ignoring the princesses...

5. Oh, he quite ego too...very hard for him to ask ppl's help even if his family. Dunno Y? If i asked him to ask thing, he will ask me to do...samething if asking direction when we lost...he rather to find his own way out than ask ppl...for me asking ppl to get clue faster & easier than u bang here bang there oso dunno where u r mar....

6. Sometimes i dun like his less interaction with my family, but horr, not only my family wor..even his family too wor..If possible, i wish he closer to my family. For eg, he can be isolated himself playing his PC game in my mum house, while we whole family happily chatting there...But in fact, he quite good treating my family wan, only he is more silent type lor...

Ooi Jacelyn, 6 points can harr??...can not think anymore wor...

To my lou gong : Am just doing tag horr, see i can not think of 7,8... Sumore am really happy with our relationship lately although sometimes we still pick up some small fights... I know you hv put effort in our relationship...i know, and i appreciate it, Thanks dear! :-)

Going to tag MYlifeZone for this : I know you wanna do this, my fren! hehehe! The rest seems like done this liao, if not, pls feel free to do this if you want.....

~Blogging Day~

Bossie is away and only will be back next monday. So today, 15 May 2007.... i declare it as my own "Blogging Day" unless..... unless if there is any urgent issue if not, tomorrow only do lar....Who cares!!

See.... that's the reason i dun dare to share my blog with my colleagues!!! Not good lor, scare if someone 'keh poh chi' later report to my boss, then i die lar...

Blog hopping....Yeah, can fully concentrate this time! Blog hopping....hop...hop...hop... here i come!!! ^.^

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Last nite, jiejie give me a mother's day greeting card which was made in her school. Mummy really contended & proud to have that card, like win a jackpot! Only now mummy know the feeling of getting present from own child. Although it just a simple card but still very happy & sweet in heart leh!

Okok, eventhough 80%-90% of this card done by the teacher i believed, i still feel sweet mar, esp got my jiejie photo in! Dun 'piakk' me lar!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies!!! May all the mummies alway stay happy & healthy yea! ^.^

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

~Lazy Day~

A lot of ppl around having flu recently including my boss who is sitting next to me! Even my princcesses oso having flu for few days already, lucky they only have some running nose and still active like before. Yesterday thought myself oso attack by flu, cos having very bad headached and sorethroat. Lucky this morning woke up, no need to on mc.

The weather lately oso bit weird, very hot and stuffy this moment, and next moment can be down pour. Well, we have a very wet morning today and as usual the traffic was messy. Mummy gained another record, reached office around 10am, lucky my boss understand and din scold me. BTW, later found out from my colleague, in fact himself oso late came in office, reached only earlier 15mins than me! Okok, then can not blame me lar. He just staying near our office oso so late to reach office, needless to mention me have to travel from far. I know i know, giving reason is not good for this..... :P

Well, very lazy to work this moment, wish to take a nap at home. What a good weather to have nap now, not hot and windy somemore. Wild wish in the office rite? Just another lazy day for me, i guess! :-P

Having my nap, dun disturb me please! :-)

Friday, May 4, 2007


If i dun rant this out, i won't feel good! at least to post it out to let ppl know how bad the service provided by this kopitiam! Recently, if you aware the kopitiam concept seems like very popular, can see the kopitiam in most all the shopping complex and sometimes even the residential area.

There is one newly opened 'New Village' Kopitiam near my house, Sg Long there, wanna try so many times and eventually last nite had a try there. Last nite, brought my jiejie to see the paediatric, she is having some flu and coughing. As we had to wait for 15 more patients to our turn. Mummy decided to bring jiejie to have some kaya toast as the kopitiam is just opposite of the clinik.

Mummy was greedy, looking at the menu and ordered double kaya butter toast, a plate of glutinous rice w kaya and a cup of hot lemon tea. Jiejie din really like the toast and she refuse to take even for 1 bite no matter how hard i pursue her to eat bit. Can you imagine mummy have to finish all and it was just after the dinner. Definitely mummy can not finish all, only half the gutinous rice and 2 pcs of the kaya butter toast.

When settling my bill, ask the Chinese lady (believe is the lady boss there) to help me to pack the remaining toast to take home. She din reply yes or no, just take my money away. And another waiter came to me to return me the change of money. Again, i request him to pack the left over toast just now. Guess WHAT? He told me they can't give a plastic bag for the customer. I asked if they dun allow the customer to take home, wat they gonna to do w the remaining of toast? all throw away? and i can't see the reason why they dun let the customer to pack home as i've paid the bill!!! Weird or not??

The waiter later write something on his notepad and show me! and this is what i see 'MY BOSS IS VERY FUSSY'!!! I was really flaming at that time, but looking at the waiter helpless and guilty look, i let him go. Mummy is sitting there, struggling should finish the toast or not? But down in my heart, am not giving up and thinking of its customer right to bring back the toast as we had paid for it.

Mummy this time purposely bring the plate of toast in front of the lady boss, asking a plastic bag to pack it. She turn her back and without looking at me even once glance and told one of the waitress nearer there to give me plastic bag. Reluctantly she instructed the waitress to give me a crumble recycle plastic bag whereas i saw a bag of unused plastic bag on the counter top which is infront of her. What so expensive for a small plastic bag? i really dun understand! But am really angry w tat lady. If she can treat the customer in bad manner like this dun think she will treat the staff there nicely.

And i swear this was the last time i step into this Kopitiam!!!!!!
The lady boss din allow the waitress to give a lil plastic bag eventhough they have a full bag there.

Thanks to the waitress for the nice packing!

Very lil kaya and butter in the toast.


Help! Somebody pls help!! i really fed up and wanna cry here....**sob, sob**

I was copying a tag from m22angels, when i paste it in my post

i) if using the compose template, all the content mix up, no single spacing line at all!

ii) if using the html template, no more link shown!

How ahh? how to copy and paste all in order yea???

Can somebody help in this???

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Join the party?

Ok, got this 'party' invitation from mommy of 2 angels and so coincidential that my page rank has been dropped from 2 to ZERO. Believe it helping to increase the page rank, then die die oso must do this lor. For other tags which yet to do, my bloggers friend who tagged me, pls dun be angry ahh, am not 'big small eye' harr! just tat this one seems easier for me to complete. :-P

Here are the Rules:
1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE list below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the title of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

3) Take “My New Faves” and move them into the “The Original Faves” list.

4) Add 5 Blogs that you’ve just added to your Technorati Favorites to the “My New Faves” section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to your new blogs (i.e.

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves:
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