Monday, January 14, 2008

Stay or Leave?!

This morning use this statement for my msn message, some of my friends very 'sensitive' keep on asking me issit me to make the choice to leave my current company or what?

Sorry to make everyone so 'geng cheong'......'da da da' is my maid la! :P

Well, my maid contract will be end this July, i had a discussion with her over the last weekend. Offer her more than 20% increment and 1 1/2 mths holiday back to her hometown. She was happy and agreed to continue her 4th year of service with me. Yesterday morning, she happily called her hometown spread the news that she will back for holiday this July.

Who knows at nite by 10pm++, her mother called her......asked her not to continue working here, command her to go back and stay. I've asked her the reason, she said her mum din tell her, only asked her to go back. She looked confused and dunno what to do.

Well, in my heart i do hope she can continue working for me as my princesses are used to her. They treat her like their 2nd mummy at home. She dotes the princesses a lot too.... But i can understand if her mum asked her to be back as she has left her own country for 3 years leaving her son & hubby back in hometown. As a mother and as a daughter i understand and hope my family to be stay together with me all the time. Same as she & her mother too, i guess....

My worries, not sure if i should get a new maid after she leave later...should i give up my job and stay at home to take care my princesses. I just scare i can't get a better maid. Then, its my turn pula to keep thinking my current working situation. Sometimes, i feel that i really lack of 'goal' or vision in my life. I dun really know what i want in my life. I am ok to be SAHM and take care of my princesses, especially after read so much of 'sick' news recently. All the young gals no longer safe eventhough as young as below 5. This make me really worry and willing to give up my own job. In other hand, i oso worry my own pocket money if really choose to stay at home. Haiii...really headached to think all these....

I dun have a solution yet, and i need some times to think....well, pray hard, pray for my maid could stay for another year, so that i no need to headache now but another one year then... :P

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 1st trip, 1st post.....

First of all, wish everyone 'Happy New You' in my this 1st post of 2008. ^.^

Together with my few friends went to HK last week. It was a fun and shopped a lot trip. The weather there is the lowest in these 10 winter years, 10 degree.

The most unforgetful experience was lined up for about 1.5 hours just to buy a 'pork chop pao' in one of the un-noticeable shop in Macau. And also we went for the fireworks on the new year eve for count down, to quite disappointed with the fireworks, just too little la. Dunno is my expectation too high or the location we choose was not good for the view. :-(

Oh yea,one more thing was we quite frustrated to look for public toilets. It is ok if you are at those 5 star shopping malls, or else u will find difficulty to 'explore' for their public toilets. Even their most crowded 'LRT' stations oso dun provide this type of public facilities. Remember got one time, we quite tired to look for a toilet, so we ask the LRT customer service staff. Thank God, they were very generous & willing to borrow us their 'only for staff use' toilet. I even notice a lot of restaurant put up a notice outside said the restaurant toilet only for their diners. See, spaces are very limited and valuable in HK. Therefore, toilet oso very costly and valuable indirectly.

Talking about shopping, we few woman really can shop, half of our trip were shopping days. From day till night, nope, should say till mid-night. Each time reached back hotel and rest, my legs were like not belong to mine and once collapsed on the bed, can't stand at all. But so strange, the next morning the whole body feel energetic and can go for another full shopping day. What a miracle! As now is the winter time over there, most are the winter wear.....i only buy few for princesses and hubby. Can not buy much la, can not use here later. Only wait for going to Genting or Cameron. But they are really cheap...myself, lou gong, & princesses every each jacket not more than RM40.

Eventhough i went to HK before, but i almost forget most of the places and stuff over there. So this time, also like a lot of 'refreshing' memories. I must praise my hubby for taking good care of my princesses when i am not around. In fact, daddy said the princesses were more well behave when mummy is not around! :-P

Ok, photos to be uploaded later......