Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Daddy is away to India for these few days, jiejie keep asking where is her daddy. Learn from the last lesson, mummy tell her a lie....morning i told her, daddy has been gone to work, pick up by his fren early morning. At nite, i told her.. daddy is still working in the office, his fren will send him back later.....and daddy never been back even she had fall asleep. Well, this worked for yesterday, see will she ask me again today or not? :P

In fac, i've hint her last few days that her daddy would be away to India. Jiejie asked where is India, mummy told her its a far far land with a lot of 'ang ker bur leng geh'....Wuuuahhhhhh.....immediately, jiejie cried keep saying dun wan her daddy goes to far far land, want her daddy go office to work. Okok, thats how i come out this lie. I know its not suppose to tell a lie to the kids, but i would rather tell lie than handling the drama queens. Sumore, 2 queens at the same time! :-)

Beside waiting for daddy to come back this Thursday, mummy just received a good news. This year increment would be 10% for mummy. Eventhough its not tat great, but better than none rite? Ok, this time muymmy really have to take 1 day leave to pamper myselve, take a break from the princesses, works and everything & anything...too bad only one day. Oppss, not even 1 day only from 9am-5pm! :-)

Let see which aunty out there oso need a break as me. Hehehe!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Diet Plan?!

MIL keep complaining lately, saying my jiejie is overweight. Urging me to keep an eye on her, if not later no control, daddy & i need to fork up money for her slimming treatment. :P

Well, jiejie appetite is very good recently. She can finish her bowl of rice quite fast and sometimes even ask for more. Not only that, like her lovely mummy, jiejie love junk food too....potato chips, nuts, biscuits, chocolates, sweets.......all her favourite. She always asks for it, needless to mention if she saw her grandma or grandpa have some snack in hand.

As expected, jiejie never fail to get all those stuff from them. The worst, jiejie never satisfy with her own lil portion and always asking for more. If not, she will eyeing her meimei's portion.....Whatever her meimei can not finish, all goes in her stomach.... Think sooner we have to name her DBKL oredi.

Mummy also quite headached for this, instructed kakak not to give so many rice, but more vege to her bowl......cut down her milk consumption...and the latest effort, mummy went to organic shop to buy some healthy snack for her, eg. Organic yogurt jelly, Organic Brown Rice cracker & organic raisin......

Actually mummy is ok with it, as long as jiejie happy & healthy everydays....but after getting some pressure, and mummy oso knows the disadvantages of a fat lady......so no choice lor, do whatever mummy can do to help jiejie lor. Afterall, we all know fat cells can not be disappear once being developed, only can be minimise the sizes...... :P

Not sure if all this will work out or not .....let's see...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Start

Wahhh, quite sometimes din update my blog since my last post. Well, busy with work recently. Last time, i still manage to blog in office. But now, heavier workload, no time to blog oso. Initially, thought things will get better if daddy subscribe streamyx at home. Who knows, i hardly to turn on my pc at home after one whole day battling in office. Just feel tired and dun wish to face PC again at nite. I rather switch on to watch some soup series in stead.

Not sure if any one out there has the same feeling as mine. After a while din update my blog, i become lazier to update...seems had been missed out so many of interesting happennings around. Just too lazy to write those backdated posts! :-P

Well, today is another new start after a blog break i think......if not i scare i'll leave blogsphere later... and all the works done before will be gone! :-(

Ok, Let's start the engine again.....VRRROOOOMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I was speechless to know that the lil girl 'Ying Ying' was killed by her mum's lover. Heart sink deeply to know the truth of the story. How can a mother let the lover to hurt her child? no matter how deeply her love towards him....

We as a mother, the child start their bonding with us since our pregnancy, we carried them in our body for 10mths and i believe the bond grow stronger & stronger as we raise them. Nothing can part this bonding.....

So sad, the mum can't stop her lover to hurt her child....some more to call for press conference, act her lil girl was went missing, asking for public's help to relocate her girl! Very obvious, hope her lover can get rid of the murder charge.

Not sure if they can sleep peacefully at nite, such a cute & naive lil girl died killed by them! I really heartached to read this news, what kind of society we are living now?? i wonder........

Well, i believe 'Ying Ying' is now in better place, and may 'Ying Ying' rest in peace!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


This is a back-dated post.

Last Saturday was mummy birdday! :-) Went for buffet lunch with daddy in Jogaya, Starhill. Frankly speaking mummy a bit scare to number 30, not so long ago 30 yrs old seem like very far far away from mummy....who knows, so fast this yr mummy bcome 30 liao...

I always wish my princesses grow up faster but in my heart i wish i still stay young, contradict rite? think this time really have to read more articles how to aging gracefully.

Back to my birdday, like as i said dunno really old liao this time or wat, after we 'battling for food' about 2hrs++, i felt so tired. I even turn down daddy generous offer to look for a handbad. Yea, daddy said wanna buy me a handbag for a present, but i really felt tired and wish to go home asap to take a nap. See lar, eating can cause such tiredness. Me, myself oso can not believe that. Must be old oredi, i think.....or so fast i reach the mid life crisis ahh......

Well, not sure i ate too many of raw food or too 'chapalang', my stomach get upset and guess what.....i start to diarrhea around 4pm++ Really can not stand it after the fifth time went to toilet, pop a pill to stop the diarrhea.

Later evening, dun dare to take any food for dinner. OK, my birdday wish is my family and friends always stay healthy and happy, the biggest wish is mummy able to cut down few kgs in next few mths.... :P

Oh yea, jiejie got her new tricycle on that day too. Wah, more like she is the one who birdday horr....She was very happy with it and here are some pics...

Jiejie : 'Meimei, let's go for a ride!'

Jiejie scream : Meiiiiii, stop pressing the bell!!

Meimei : Huhh...'ho lek meh'.....i oso have my own tricycle, faster than jiejie wan....'Baiiiii, mummy!' hoooooo..... :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Busy Blindly....

Working life has been very stressful and busy recently. All these due to i've took over the sales operation and i still work on my current role. This means i have work for 2 person workload. So stress until i dunno which task to complete first....all seems like urgent in my eyes especially July as new quarter. Hope this is only for temporary. Feel so sorry to my princesses as mummy & daddy always go home late recently.

Last time heard a survey done, said parents should spend about 3 hrs per day to their kids for stronger bond and relationship. Nowadays, sometimes we only reach home by 8pm++, sometimes ever later.....by 10pm, the princesses need to sleep oredi. That's the reason why i insist to coax them sleep no matter how tired i am. If not, i will feel very bad by pushing them to kakak.

To my princesses, mummy love both of you very very much no matter how busy mummy is. Mummy hope we will have more time together soon yea....