Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pre-X'mas Party

This is a backdated post.

Had a pre-X'mas party on last Sunday, 23rd nite....It was a small & sweet family gathering. As expected, the kids are the most excited as they get several gift each on that day. Everyone seem to enjoy the party. Mummy had prepared few simple dish : spagetti, salad, bacon+sausage, potato salad, pumpkin soup, sandwiches and etc...

Eventhough mummy quite tired after the party, but frankly speaking i like this type of festive family gathering. Got a event purpose + gathering.....not only makan saja! If i no need to cook, i will be more happy i think! :P

The princesses were very excited as this year they know to appreciate more, and after the party, Jiejie ask for a new present everyday! Think this is the side effect of having X'mas party i guess! :-P

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry X'mas!

Today's office really quiet and no more 'hoo haa' cos more than half of the team was on leave. Yea, X'mas Eve...thinking of it, where got mood to work?! Some more, had a X'mas party at home last nite, today still a bit tired la.....

So, i had a very nice steamboat lunch with my colleague just now....we so called X'mas Eve Lunch. Now, wait for another half an hour, we are going for very last min X'mas shopping! Hehehe...

Wanna wish everyone Merry X'mas and Happy New year!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Touching news....

Read this news in Chinapress this morning, very touching and my tears drop reading this...not sure if English newspaper has published this news?! I've used 'Google translate tool' to translate in English....u might find the direct translation would be sounds weird for sudden words...pls bear with it, as i have no time to translate myself.....Just wish to share this touching news! Wish the baby stay healthy & happy always! A lot of blessings......




English version :

Mom warm embrace of premature infants restore heartbeat.

瑞秋born at extremely weak, her mother on the chest, the result of a miracle she survived. (Scotland's Glasgow on the 9th) - The warm embrace of her mother, premature infants restore heartbeat. Premature infants瑞秋four months ago when born weighing only 567 grams, every 10 seconds before a heartbeat, and no breathing, the doctor decided to give up treatment. But her mother Caroline wrapped in a blanket, that the daughter will feel cold, so she grabbed the blanket from the influx arms, is such a hug,瑞秋reconsider a heartbeat. British "Daily Mail" reported that Scotland is now in the 36-year-old biochemist Caroline said that she was pregnant 24 weeks, due to uterine infection and premature birth, did not want her daughter died of the cold, so Jiangchibao in the chest, want to give her warmth. She said: "Her feet were cold" Caroline at the same time think of the hearts, it is the only daughter she embraced the opportunity, she would like to remember that moment. Results miracle occurred, the body temperature to let his daughter Caroline restore the heartbeat, also began to breathe. Caroline said: "We can not believe that the immediate thing. Doctors also." At that time, the hospital has been pastor for瑞秋blessing too, everyone was waiting for her to leave. But瑞秋not only survice, restore blood. Caroline has瑞秋home, she is re - 3.6 kg, normal weight babies, and the excellent appetite.瑞秋no hypoxic brain damage, but have undergone laser therapy to save vision, also received six blood transfusions. Hospital Neonatal Unit consultant Ryan said he practicing medicine for 27 years, have never seen such a thing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


These 2 days were busy sorting the photos for print out. Ashame to tell, my meimei is 2yrs ++ now, and i yet to print any of her photos yet....All had been kept in mummy's laptop. The photos that Jeijei have oso 2yrs back! Pity Meimei, everytime pointing 'jeijei' in the photos, claim is herself. keep saying the lil one in the photos is 'meimei'!

As Xmas is coming, mummy decided to print all these photos, and make an album for each of the princess as their Xmas present. The photos had been accumulated up to 700++ pcs....Mummy used one whole day to sort them out and going to print 360++ pcs. Along the way of sorting out the photos, mummy feel so sweet....watching the way the princesses grow! Its just amazing! and very much blessing. Too bad, some of the photos are not nice if print out....a lot are for blogging material.

Mummy really need to take times to blog them out here, hopefully my princesses will find their memories back in this blog one day. Hope they enjoy to see their growth here and oso know how deep their mummy's love to this blog is mainly dedicate to them!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fry rice, fried rice, fright(ening) rice.....

Last Saturday suppose to bring my princesses and hubby to one of my colleague's house for gathering....Out of sudden, my princesses & hubby all got flu! Dunno who pass the virus to who la...End up, all of them went to see doctor last weekend! See, mummy always quote, mummy is the strongest at home! Once again to prove myself right for that statement! :P

The gathering was 'pot-luck' style, mummy suppose to provide 'fried rice'. Kakak early morning already cooked the rice....Mummy looked at the rice, headached! So much of rice how to finish? As the rice was cooked quite sometimes, when ate the lunch time, my pricesses oso dun wanna eat....told me the rice no good, very hard wor...

So, no choice, have to make fried rice lor...So Saturday nite, fried rice for 3 of us (Ah yee, mummy & Kakak) and marcaroni for those who were not feeling well. Ok, first fried rice was 'yong jou chao fan' ....... Later at nite, when mummy still wonder how many more fried rice i need to make....Ah yee told mummy, she is willing to take some as she has to work the following day Sunday! Happily, mummy cooked 2nd type of fried ricce on that day! This time, mummy cooked 'Kampung' fried rice!

Wait, the rice not finish yet....and last nite, mummy cooked the 3rd type of fried rice....dunno this time call what fried rice! The fried rice even can fill up to 3 same containers! Daddy brought one box for his bfast, and mummy brought 2 to office...Later will have 'fried rice' lunch with mummy's collegue! Ok, No more 'fright' rice for mummy at least for another few weeks!! :P

Monday, November 19, 2007

Flirting? OH NO!

This is a backdated post.

Daddy was away to Jakarta for the last 2 weeks, well mummy suppose to go home earlier when daddy was not around. Unfortunately, mummy was being tide up with the office workload and THANKS to my boss oso, always look for mummy at the last minutes before i left office.

MIL had query too, and asked me to go home as early as possible. Last Tuesday finally, i left office early and went to do a facial treatment. As usual, facial treatment end for 2 hours, and i reached my MIL place even later.

At first i din realise anything, when reach my own maid came to me and asked, 'ma'am, why u wear ur blouse reverse side yea? Oh no, i din aware i wear my blouse 'terbalik' (reverse side) after the facial treatment. I had change my blouse and wear the special 'robe' for my facial treatment earlier....

Ok, now....if you are my MIL....What do you think? This dotta in law always come home late when her son is not around, sumore came back with blouse 'terbalik' (reverse side)!!! OH NO......

Well, daddy is back, and today is the first day he goes back to MIL's place, let's see if MIL has any story to tell daddy? I hope i think too much here.... :P

Friday, November 9, 2007


Yea, there is a very jealous lady in my house lately. Not jiejie.....not meimei.......but this mummy!! Yes, mummy is very jealous recently. Jealous to who?

The answer maid : Kakak Robiah! Well, the story begin with the last 2 weeks when mummy was sick, the 2 princesses were sleeping with kakak as daddy not able to handle them both to sleep. And, after then, the 2 princesses like to sleep with kakak and not with mummy anymore! :(

Mummy has been played some tricks, hopefully the princesses will come back to sleep with me. By telling them how mummy will miss them if not seing them sleeping around me. Jiejie is mature enough to pity mummy, so she came out an idea to sleep one nite with mummy but sleep with kakak the following nite and so on.... When mummy asking for more nites, she told mummy ...mummy still have meimei to accompany mar.....

Yea, meimei every nites will agree to sleep with mummy at the beginning, but will always go down to kakak's room at the end .....looking for her 'yao yao' (swing)! End up the 2 princesses sleep with kakak for countless nites.

I've asked jiejie why she likes to sleep with kakak? her answer not kakak she choose to, but kakak's room is nicer to sleep wor....Daddy & mummy had been analyse the situation, we concluded that the princesses might feel more secure and safe sleep in kakak's room as her room is smaller and more quiet. Our bedroom sometimes can be quite noisy, as all types of sounds can be hear due to the fact that the room is facing to the main road.

Well, daddy is away to Jakarta for these 2 weeks, mummy had begging the 2 princesses to sleep with mummy. Luckily 'po po' is visiting us for a week, and the princesses had switch their preference from 'kakak' to 'po po' these few nites.

Thanks to 'Po po' the princesses 'indirectly' sleep with mummy as 'Po Po' will accompany them to sleep in mummy's bedroom! :P

Daddy is fine for the princesses to sleep separately as he is in the view that they sooner or later also have to sleep separetly but mummy feel a bit sad..... Yea, mummy is still hunger to sleep with them, like to see their peaceful way of sleeping (very angel's look), like their smell, like to touch them when mummy sometimes woke up in the midnite.....Wah, sounds like mummy very disturbing in the midnite horr, no wonder they choose to sleep with kakak not mummy ler.... :P

Mummy really dun mind to sleep with them eventhough sometimes the princesses can be very fussy in the midnites, cos to mummy...... the princesses grow very fast, so appreciate when they are small, they still stick with you....if not sooner or later, when u wanna sleep with them (like now ler) they also dun want!! Yea, mummy will not give up, will try to come out more 'tricks' to bring them back to sleep with mummy!! Mummy next 'big mission'!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

You made me proud!

Today is jiejie's nursery Parents Day, early morning mommy went to see the principle to get jiejie's progress report.

According to the teachers & principle there, jiejie is doing very well in her class. She is very helpful to the teachers and friendly to her friends too. The principle told me jiejie is like a 'class monitor' nowadays in school and she is the only student who shows leadership in her class. All the teachers give her very good comments and she score all '1' (excellent) in her progress report card. Yea, 3 yrs old where got all those academic subject, but more on their skills, attitudes and etc. No matter what it is, mummy oredi very happy and proud to listen all those 'highly rated' comments hopefully not 'over-stated'! :P

To my jiejie : Mummy is glad that you r doing well in school, keep up the good work, darling. Mummy hope you continue enjoy your school days and happy always. I love you, darling! :-)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What to buy?

Today feel much better! FINALY! But hor, now Mummy has another issue to think....

Just got $200 vouchers from my office, yea not much...that's y i can't decide if i should go for skin care, fragrance or some wearing apparel! Really can't decide! Its not $2000 but only $200, so whatever i buy sure hv to top up my own pocket money!

Well, few of my colleagues use the vouchers to buy a pair of 'CROCS' for themselve and they pursuading me to do so too....

So much to buy, yet too lil money to spend! :-P

Monday, October 29, 2007

Money not enough! :-P

Since last Thursday, mummy was down with fever for 2 days, later with very serious throat infection till now still suffering...

I couldn't eat most of the thing for the last 2 days, may be due to the ulcers or throat swelling i hardly can eat any food. My troat is so painful when the food reach that area, like burning till my tears out. Porridge out, soup kueh teow out, even my own home cook soup oso can not dun even mention for others solid food. So yesterday, suffered hungry all the day...and may be due to shout at the princesses few nite, it was getting worse. Not even can drink a small pack of milk. GOSH! really can't find a word to describe my suffer and torture!

In fact yesterday early morning, mummy went to see another doctor as the medicine given by the first doctor seem helpless to my sorethroat. This round, the doctor is quite old & experienced, he advised to get injection as my throat infection is very bad. Initially i agreed, when the doctor asked the nurse take our the jab, suddenly something came in my mind and asked how much is the jab. Lucky i asked, doctor said the jab costs about RM50...aiyah, i only brought RM50 out and i had bought some lil groceries before proceed to the clinique. Very pai seh, i told the doctor, i will come for 2nd round as i dun bring enough money.

The doctor later subcribed some good medicines (good antibiotic lar) asked me to try at home first. If can not then, go back to do the injection. So this is the first time, mummy's money not enough to see doctor. Who knows throat infection oso need to inject wan wor.... :P

Anyway, this will serve a lesson to me too...always bring more extra money to see doctor even just the normal GP doctor, u never know what will happen... :P

I wish this sorethroat nightmare fast fast over, it's really torturing when u r hungry but u can not eat! i understand that feeling now! But look at the bright side, hope can lose some weight lar....crazy horr woman! :-D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Low Low CUT!

This morning msn with m22angels, somehow we tok about low cut....and this remind me a funny story which i wish to share here.....

On the last last Thursday, 2 days before Raya mummy had a team dinner that nite. Thought going out for dinner, better wear a nicer blouse + black long sleek pants...End up wore a new black blouse which bought 2 days ago. Well, the blouse is Rayon (soft, heavier & stretchable material ) quite low cut, but with standing position still orite.

Here is the picture of my black blouse. The blouse comes with a spagetti-strap inside, kind of 2 in one. To secure my self from explore too much...mummy used 3 small pins to pin the spagetti -strap with the bra, hopefully the spagetti won't drop here & there. Everything seems fine....

Who knows after reach office, and sitting down, half of my boobs almost come first i din really realise its so low...until a guy collegue who sitting next to me, when walking by and say hi...early morning mar, i saw his attention was on my explored part....

Since that moment, my scarf was on my neck and covered my upper body for the whole morning, and guess what?

I rush to department store and bought another new blouse first thing during my lunch time on that day and here is the pic of my 2nd new blouse. :P

Can't help, i told myself ...Enough! enough to do charity on that day!! i dun wan to treat ice cream to guys' eyes anymore!! Lucky, only one guy saw my black blouse and no one was aware that i changed a new blouse to dinner. Ok, ok, i admit that i oso a very typical CINA type...hehehe!

And i did a right thing, during the dinner, i was so relax and feel safe to enjoy my crabs without worries on the low low cut!! Well, mummy learn a lesson too, when trying a new cloth in the fitting room, can not just stand there.....we must try many actions & different position. for eg. squatting (can not sit on the floor rite?!), jumpping... whatever u can think lar....cos diff position u might have diff view....Oooppps, then i scare the ppl waiting outside might getting frustrated and kick the door, how?! :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Wah, really 1 mth full away from blogsphere....the last post was 10 Sept, and today is 10 Oct! What can i say? Good date to return back! :P This morning when i try to log in, mummy even forget the what is my user name & passwords. Tried few times then managed to log in. This is the result of being away from blogsphere too long.......

Mummy was really busy for the whole last week, and daddy oso flied to Jakarta very frequent lately. Almost every week! So, mummy was busy for the work and the princesses at home. Luckily, this month won't be so hectic cos of the Raya festivals. Mummy & daddy will be on leave for the next whole week to celebrate this festive together with our Muslim friends.

Mummy even get a new hairstyle for this Raya!! Mummy had been very bored with the previous straight hair. So this time, asked the hair stylist to design a new hairstyle for me. Surprisingly the result not bad, ...will post my new hairstyle once i get a new card reader.

One month not posting, my digital photos card reader oso lost ledi....sigh!! :(

This is my new curly hair, my friends who knows me well will know this is my first tried of having curly hair, all this while my hair was long & straight. After being straight for so many years......Now a new look for me!

Monday, September 10, 2007

~Precious Picture~

Accidently saw this picture from Ah Yee personal collection. Well, this is really a 'precious' & memorable picture. Because of sharing this picture to you all, mummy even break personal record to appear in this blog for the first time. None of the picture in this blog, show clearly mummy face, the most side face, back & etc.....

and NOW, for the first time....ta...da... :-)

Ok, to make it more fun, i put my princesses picture too, to see if anyone of them look like mummy or ah Yee? What's your say??

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

~New Skill~

Jiejie learn a new skill recently, being a 'potografur' :) Honesty, feel jiejie is quite good taking all those pictures. Here are some photos she took few days back when meimei 'yoga-ing'. How come meimei knows yoga? saw her daddy do she oso do lor.... Ok, now mummy can sit back & relax, asking jiejie to take photos for mummy blog's material! Come on, 1, 2, cheeeeeseeeee... :P

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you.....

Time meimei turns 2 today! Had a pre-birthday party for her on last sunday, a small & sweet one.

Meimei now a big girl liao, she likes to order her jiejie not to do this & that! She can speak quite well recently, can express in full sentences clearly. I still remember few days back when her jiejie kicked fuss and keep crying. Meimei 'command' her jiejie to 'stop crying, if not mummy will lock u in toilet!' :P

Well, she knows this, cos i've locked her in the toilet before. Meimei sometimes can be very fussy & 'lou gei'! want you to do this & that, but still she crying for nothing. So, i was very angry one day, told her if she still wanna cry, then better cry in toilet. That's how she ended up crying in toilet for few seconds.

Since that incidence, she learn her lesson and can remember clearly until she able to remind jiejie oso.

Lil updates for meimei :
*can sing a lot of songs now, same like her jiejie, we have 2 singing birds at home now. :-)
*can express clearly her needs & wants.
*can play longer without fighting with jiejie now, still fighting most of the time lar...
*improve in all those motor fine skill games, for eg. she can do well for beading nowadays and even for colouring.....
*improve in memory too, mummy just bought 1 set of animal flash cards (38 cards) 2 weeks ago, meimei can memorised most of the animals now.
*she is very loving to her soft toys friend, she likes to hug them, tell them not to cry, 'meimei sayang you' pat, hug & even kiss them like her own child, well nature of mothering i guess! :P
*like all the ladies out there, meimie oso a drama queen lately, crying is not the only way for getting attention nowadays...her new trick, this minutes she can still sitting tight on the sofa watching TV, and the next minutes seeing mummy & daddy coming home, immediately, pretend crying pointing her finger pain, when mummy asked more, where else got pain pain? she start pointing her tummy, face, leg.....basically all over her body pain, and asking mummy to kiss her painful part! What a Cheeky princess we have! :P

Afterall, she still our QUEEN at home. Like mummy always say, biggest wish is my princesses to stay healthy & happy. Ok, one more for meimei, wish her eat more and 'grow more meat'!! Too skinny lar, my meimei.

Happy birthday to our Queen, and YES, your commands may we obey!! :P

Friday, August 17, 2007

3 minutes realization!

Heard this from radio station, 98.8 this morning, and it keep me to think quite a while......There was a research carried out in one of the University US. They choose 3500 students to do a research, asking them why they pick their current major subject or what they want to be at that time. 87% of them because their parents want them to choose, choose for good money or follow the major trend at that time, while the remaining 23% choose what they like and base on own interests.

20 yrs later, they contact back these 3500 students, 100 of them have become millionaire. Surprisingly, 99 of the milionaire are from the 23% where they love their job and passionate about it, only 1 of the millionaire is from the major 87%. The research proove that most of the successful ppls are pasionate and really love with what they are doing. Not like most of them who don't have the passionate for the job, they do mainly for surviving purposes. This research oso told us as parents should encourage to explore our kids interest & passionate, help them to develop their strenght but not pressing them what to be because of what we want them to be.

Think back, even now i 30yrs++ oredi, i oso dunno what i like and what my interests are. Last time, my parents only asked me to study, study & study. We study for the sake of our exam at school. After exam, all we memorised hard give back to the teachers & lecturer. Same like most of the students nowadays, homeworking, study hard hopefully can pass the exam with flying colours. The exam results seem like the most important thing, if ur results no good, u like no way out and useless. How many of us as parents really help our kids to explore their talent, interest and passionate. Most of us, hoping them to do well in their exam. Pathetic rite?

Even now, i ask myself, if one day my jiejie growth enough, come and tell me this, 'mummy, i am very confidence in singing, all the ppl said i have the talent, i love singing and want to be a singer.' or meimei tell me this, 'mummy, i want to be a model as my carreerl!!' What would be my reactions then? Will i support them? Willl i respect their own choice? Dunno, really dunno......just hope that day won't come so soon!!! :P

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Boss is away for few days, only will be back on Thursday. Better take this opportunity to clear some of my 'dusted' pilling tagssss.


Even before i get this tag from Mylifezone, i have been asking myself hundred and thousand times, FTWM? SAHM? and i still yet to decide. Even if i resign and bcome 'plofesunal' SAHM, still it won't be so soon.

The main reason SAHM would be for my 2 princesses of course! All of us know now the syllabus for primary school is no longer as easy as our last time. Think parents really need to put effort and times to guide the kids on the homeworking! Another major reason would be our society safety, i really been scared by all those kidnapping, killing and raping case nowadays. Just too much and scary!! These 2 reasons are enough for me to sacrify my work for the sake of my princesses.

Yea, i admit its hard for me to decide as i scare i have no pocket money if being SAHM in future. Thats why i told daddy to work harder, hopefully he can support my SAH's allowance 2-3k monthly. I can take care of my home and kids without a maid then. Daddy, u hear me?? :P

Well, think & plan always nicer than reality......esp when i see my princesses smiles & laughs, i wish to stay with them all the time.....

But when they fighting, crying, complaining......
Meimei : momee, jiejie 'da wor'!! (jiejie beat me) Wuahhhhhhhh......
Jiejie : Wuaahhhhhhh, mummieee.... meimei 'yao wor'!! (meimei bite me) !!!

If so, mummy wish to run far far and go to office then.... :P

Saturday, August 11, 2007

***100th post***

This is definately another milestone for mummy in blogsphere, eventhough mummy hardly to post nowadays and really take long time to come to 100th post. 1st post started on 29th Nov 06, means take about 9 months for 100 posts, prorate would be 11 posts monthly, 2-3 posts weekly. :-)

Whatever issit, still wanna shout HOORAY! HOORAY for this 100th post. Wish mummy have more time and more material to post in future. Gambateh for mummy and all the bloggers friend out there! :-)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Yohooo! No works, no princesses finally for one day! :-)

Managed to sneak out for a break, in fact it was a very last minute planning. Called my boss last nite, told him i need to take an emergency leave for attending my personal matters.

Yea, really need a emergency break for myself before becoming breathless piling by the work loads. :-P The happiest part is i am not alone, M22angels was with me oso for a day break. Two 'lovely' ladies both take leave to do 'woman most favourable activities' ------ SHOPPING.

Well, quite fruitful our shopping today, i managed to get myself 3 tops, 1 pair of sandals & 2 pairs of earings, M22angels oso able to get a top & pant for herself. So we quite satisfy with our shopping theraphy today, sumore we had gone for a nice authentic Thai lunch. Not only that, we oso chit chit chat chat, sharing our happiness, future plans & dreams and of course some of our 'complaint storry' too.

Feel so good untill still happy at this moment, dunno leh, just feel happy happy a lil girl found her long lost lollipop! :P

At home, my princesses somehow love my new sandals too...Here are some photos taken when both of them happily sharing to wear mummy's sandals. Really rare scenario as the princesses quite hard to tolerate with each other nowadays......May be they know mummy is happy and they oso happy kuah! Just a mummy's wildful thought, okie?! :-D

Monday, August 6, 2007

Office Politics!

Mummy was a victim between 2 mgrs politics.....this incidence happened since last week, as one of the lady manager from other dept requested me to send her a report. Well, the report involves all the sales reps in my dept. My manager is aware of this, but he thought its a easy & simple one untill last Friday when he requested me to get prepare his meeting charts, i told him i was in the midst doing the earlier report which requested by another mgr.

Immediately, my manager 'naik angin' asked me why i've put so many effort and time on this. Showed him what i have to do for the report, he more anger......Asked me to stop doing that tedious analysis, well, he is not anger with me, but the lady manager.....Told me she is very good using other ppl's resources, summore told me to be reminded myself that i won't get review for doing all this ppl's jobs.

Alamak, i was like stuck in the middle, i know i know the lady manager's kind of person, summore now she is the big boss's apple. That's y i can not say NO in front of her mar....She had been taken me for a discussion for 1 1/2 hours, briefing me what to do and what she wants...

The incidence ended by sending her a note, saying that i not able to do it as i need to assist my mgr to do some other matters, followed by a note from my manager later too....asking her to seek some other ppl's help on this. Mummy thought this incidence should end on that way.....

Who knows this early morning, the lady manager had been searching me like mad. Asking me why i throw back the file to her.....and she is very disapponted with me all those says lar....Aiyoh, i told her boss need me for some other stuff mar, then she said i din call her and tell her lar, the last friday, whole day she was in the back to back meetings, never check her mails lar...Come on lar, how i know she din check her mail leh....Sumore she said, am i expecting her to do her own during weekend....Hey, i should ask her another way back, if she dun wish to work on weekend, same as mine!

Without saying much or dispute with her, i told her to call my boss, anything talk to my boss please. I hate to get stuck in all these politics, by right i should follow my boss's intructions, but office is very famous with the changes of structure, you won't know when your boss will be changed. Afraid i under her one day (who knows?), then i really no way out..... :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Piss-off Day!

So pissed off in the office today as i initially plan to on leave next monday, who knows a manager from other dept asked me to do some shit job. Told my boss, his reaction was like, pls do as what she said and its for our team's good.

Wah lau, sent me email on 9am++, need 6 reps to revert on their own transaction updates, and i need to submit the report to her by 1.30pm. Wahhhh.....u tot so easy meh? all ppl must listen to u meh? u said 1.30pm must 1.30pm ahh! As i expected, not manage to get all the reply from the reps...and i dun care, i just dump whatever i have in the report and press enter to send!

The best part was, request me to send the report every monday by 9.30am. Aiyoh, i only able to get the data by Friday evening....means i have to work at home during weekend lar...

See lar, piss-off anot? so next monday's plan still not firm yet! Arrrggghhhh.............

Back to MIL place, SIL was there with her kids. The whole nite heard them toking about my jiejie, keep saying jiejie is overweight and very fat. My MIL even asked me if i give any snack to jiejie when we reach home. Halo, we always reach home around 8pm++ the earliest, and the princesses will go to sleep around 10pm++ Where got time for them to munching all those snack. In fact my princesses at my MIL place much more longer and they having snack most of the time is at MIL place and get the snack from their Ah Kong & Ah Mah! Arrrggghhh...........

Later SIL even commented not to let jiejie eat too much, especially dun let her have milk b4 bedtime. Aiyoh, jiejie is still small lar, and all this while she needs to drink milk b4 goes to bed. This time i really pissed off, grabbed my handbag, told my maid to get ready to leave....B4 i heard the last sentence finished from my SIL (she was talking to jiejie, asking jiejie not to eat so much) I told them it doesn't matter if jiejie is really that fat, the most important thing is she stays healthy! Then, i brought my princesses out from my MIL house.

Come on lar, don't they aware they are putting pressure on jiejie too? jiejie was not happy in the car, keep telling mummy she wants her 'nen nen', jiejie no fat, can anot mummy?....Aiyoh, very pitiful lar.... Later reached home, i heard jiejie is having some coughing. Oh no, not AGAIN! Neh...those ppl lar, keep saying jiejie is fat, if jiejie fall sick, i'll blame them! Cos chinese believe small kids are very 'siu hei' (sensitive)

Jiejie's weight : 16kgs, height : 95cm. Not that fat & serious rite?! Arrgghhhhhh..........

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Daddy is away to India for these few days, jiejie keep asking where is her daddy. Learn from the last lesson, mummy tell her a lie....morning i told her, daddy has been gone to work, pick up by his fren early morning. At nite, i told her.. daddy is still working in the office, his fren will send him back later.....and daddy never been back even she had fall asleep. Well, this worked for yesterday, see will she ask me again today or not? :P

In fac, i've hint her last few days that her daddy would be away to India. Jiejie asked where is India, mummy told her its a far far land with a lot of 'ang ker bur leng geh'....Wuuuahhhhhh.....immediately, jiejie cried keep saying dun wan her daddy goes to far far land, want her daddy go office to work. Okok, thats how i come out this lie. I know its not suppose to tell a lie to the kids, but i would rather tell lie than handling the drama queens. Sumore, 2 queens at the same time! :-)

Beside waiting for daddy to come back this Thursday, mummy just received a good news. This year increment would be 10% for mummy. Eventhough its not tat great, but better than none rite? Ok, this time muymmy really have to take 1 day leave to pamper myselve, take a break from the princesses, works and everything & anything...too bad only one day. Oppss, not even 1 day only from 9am-5pm! :-)

Let see which aunty out there oso need a break as me. Hehehe!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Diet Plan?!

MIL keep complaining lately, saying my jiejie is overweight. Urging me to keep an eye on her, if not later no control, daddy & i need to fork up money for her slimming treatment. :P

Well, jiejie appetite is very good recently. She can finish her bowl of rice quite fast and sometimes even ask for more. Not only that, like her lovely mummy, jiejie love junk food too....potato chips, nuts, biscuits, chocolates, sweets.......all her favourite. She always asks for it, needless to mention if she saw her grandma or grandpa have some snack in hand.

As expected, jiejie never fail to get all those stuff from them. The worst, jiejie never satisfy with her own lil portion and always asking for more. If not, she will eyeing her meimei's portion.....Whatever her meimei can not finish, all goes in her stomach.... Think sooner we have to name her DBKL oredi.

Mummy also quite headached for this, instructed kakak not to give so many rice, but more vege to her bowl......cut down her milk consumption...and the latest effort, mummy went to organic shop to buy some healthy snack for her, eg. Organic yogurt jelly, Organic Brown Rice cracker & organic raisin......

Actually mummy is ok with it, as long as jiejie happy & healthy everydays....but after getting some pressure, and mummy oso knows the disadvantages of a fat no choice lor, do whatever mummy can do to help jiejie lor. Afterall, we all know fat cells can not be disappear once being developed, only can be minimise the sizes...... :P

Not sure if all this will work out or not .....let's see...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Start

Wahhh, quite sometimes din update my blog since my last post. Well, busy with work recently. Last time, i still manage to blog in office. But now, heavier workload, no time to blog oso. Initially, thought things will get better if daddy subscribe streamyx at home. Who knows, i hardly to turn on my pc at home after one whole day battling in office. Just feel tired and dun wish to face PC again at nite. I rather switch on to watch some soup series in stead.

Not sure if any one out there has the same feeling as mine. After a while din update my blog, i become lazier to update...seems had been missed out so many of interesting happennings around. Just too lazy to write those backdated posts! :-P

Well, today is another new start after a blog break i think......if not i scare i'll leave blogsphere later... and all the works done before will be gone! :-(

Ok, Let's start the engine again.....VRRROOOOMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I was speechless to know that the lil girl 'Ying Ying' was killed by her mum's lover. Heart sink deeply to know the truth of the story. How can a mother let the lover to hurt her child? no matter how deeply her love towards him....

We as a mother, the child start their bonding with us since our pregnancy, we carried them in our body for 10mths and i believe the bond grow stronger & stronger as we raise them. Nothing can part this bonding.....

So sad, the mum can't stop her lover to hurt her child....some more to call for press conference, act her lil girl was went missing, asking for public's help to relocate her girl! Very obvious, hope her lover can get rid of the murder charge.

Not sure if they can sleep peacefully at nite, such a cute & naive lil girl died killed by them! I really heartached to read this news, what kind of society we are living now?? i wonder........

Well, i believe 'Ying Ying' is now in better place, and may 'Ying Ying' rest in peace!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


This is a back-dated post.

Last Saturday was mummy birdday! :-) Went for buffet lunch with daddy in Jogaya, Starhill. Frankly speaking mummy a bit scare to number 30, not so long ago 30 yrs old seem like very far far away from mummy....who knows, so fast this yr mummy bcome 30 liao...

I always wish my princesses grow up faster but in my heart i wish i still stay young, contradict rite? think this time really have to read more articles how to aging gracefully.

Back to my birdday, like as i said dunno really old liao this time or wat, after we 'battling for food' about 2hrs++, i felt so tired. I even turn down daddy generous offer to look for a handbad. Yea, daddy said wanna buy me a handbag for a present, but i really felt tired and wish to go home asap to take a nap. See lar, eating can cause such tiredness. Me, myself oso can not believe that. Must be old oredi, i think.....or so fast i reach the mid life crisis ahh......

Well, not sure i ate too many of raw food or too 'chapalang', my stomach get upset and guess what.....i start to diarrhea around 4pm++ Really can not stand it after the fifth time went to toilet, pop a pill to stop the diarrhea.

Later evening, dun dare to take any food for dinner. OK, my birdday wish is my family and friends always stay healthy and happy, the biggest wish is mummy able to cut down few kgs in next few mths.... :P

Oh yea, jiejie got her new tricycle on that day too. Wah, more like she is the one who birdday horr....She was very happy with it and here are some pics...

Jiejie : 'Meimei, let's go for a ride!'

Jiejie scream : Meiiiiii, stop pressing the bell!!

Meimei : Huhh...'ho lek meh'.....i oso have my own tricycle, faster than jiejie wan....'Baiiiii, mummy!' hoooooo..... :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Busy Blindly....

Working life has been very stressful and busy recently. All these due to i've took over the sales operation and i still work on my current role. This means i have work for 2 person workload. So stress until i dunno which task to complete first....all seems like urgent in my eyes especially July as new quarter. Hope this is only for temporary. Feel so sorry to my princesses as mummy & daddy always go home late recently.

Last time heard a survey done, said parents should spend about 3 hrs per day to their kids for stronger bond and relationship. Nowadays, sometimes we only reach home by 8pm++, sometimes ever 10pm, the princesses need to sleep oredi. That's the reason why i insist to coax them sleep no matter how tired i am. If not, i will feel very bad by pushing them to kakak.

To my princesses, mummy love both of you very very much no matter how busy mummy is. Mummy hope we will have more time together soon yea....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

~False Alarm~

Just back from hometown, a lot of work on my desk.... :-(

Yesterday afternoon received a call from clinic, a girl told me that my maid x-ray got problem......asked her more, she seems like refuse to elaborate. Since after the call, i can't sit tight....sure worry lar! This is for my maid permit renewal, i brought her to do x-ray & medical check-up in one of the clinic in Cheras Perdana last Thursday.

Immediately called daddy, get ready to leave office earlier and planned to bring my maid for 2nd round of at the same time. X-ray got problem means what? her lungs not good ahh? dun tell me she got any disease wor...aiyoh, please, please not to be Tibi! How ahh if she really got disease, then immediately i have to send her back lor...Wah, headache lar need to look for a 2nd maid...and the worst i really scare the disease can be infected to my princesses! The more i think of it, the more i scare!

Called my agent oso to find out agent advised to wait for the x-ray to come out and check with doctor immediately. Ok, brought my maid to the clinic for 2nd round X-ray, with my heart jumping up & down.... In fact, my maid oso shock for doing 2nd round of X-ray. She keep asking me if its ok for her? or What's wrong with her?

Dick dock dick dock....My maid came out from the X-ray room, the girl told me to left. Sure i insist to see doctor lar, then, she said no need. Coincidentally, my maid has a mild flu, so i want her to see doctor. Think the doctor oso knows my intention, he told me not to worry. My maid is ok, only the X-ray film they use previously, the colour somehow faded wor.... I suspect they use the expired film lar...

Aiyoh, should say earlier in the phone mar, then, i no need to be so worry mar.... !@#$%^&*~!@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*

Anyway, am happy she passed the check up finally! and happily working for me for her 3rd year. :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lil drama at nite....

This post is specially dedicated to daddy, tell him how his lil girl missing him. :-)

Last nite, when jiejie was about to brush her teeth prepared to bed. In the washroom, she asked where is daddy? mummy told her daddy is away to Jakarta for attending a meeting. Wah, her immediate response was like can not accept daddy is away, said wanna wait for daddy then only she wan to brush her teeth. Mummy saw that, just leave her in the washroom and waited her on the bed. She waited & waited, after a while she came out from the washroom, told me she oso wanted to wait daddy on the bed wor.... :P

Well, mummy trying to distract her by chatting with her while laying on the bed. Asked her this and that......looked like mummy quite success. Who knows when we are happily chatting, suddenly jiejie's lips moving downward, eyes bcome smaller and tears coming out....and her next sentence was, 'papa, come home.....' and since then, she can't stay on the bed, went down stair to look for her daddy and keep sobbing + mumbling 'papa, come home......' She went to check her daddy's car, when saw her daddy's car still there, she cried even louder! cos she knows tonite is unusual, cos daddy was not driving out.

Mummy tried to coax her to sleep, she keep said no, and wanna wait for daddy to come home. Coincidentally, daddy called back at that time, mummy told daddy to talk nicely to jiejie, asked her to go sleep & no need to wait for Who knows when jiejie holding the phone, heard was her daddy, she cried even more pitiful like tat. Think daddy oso heartache at the other end of phone.

After putting down the phone, jiejie still refused to go to bed, said wanna wait for daddy downstair. Mummy had no choice, asked jiejie to accompany mummy to watch TV. As expected, after a while jiejie eventually slept silently on mummy's lap. Then only mummy managed to carry her to bed.

Daddy said will extend one more nite in Jakarta, let's wait & see how's tonite? :P

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last few days were really hectic for mummy, meimei had fever and now still under medication. The lil girl is alrite now only need to develop her appetite again. Mummy oso down last two days with fever and throat infection. So tired and sleepy in the office now, but got a lot of work to be completed. The first thing my boss saw me this morning, not asking how i felt, but throw me with a big issue. Make me even more headached, thinking of wanna go home earlier to rest afterwards as i really tired....... Zzzzzzzzzz

Will be back when mummy feel better, no blog hopping for mummy temporary. Yea, daddy oso has to fly to Jakarta to meet customer today, lucky he will be back tomolo nite. If not i think of it, i feel more tired. Initially plan to go back hometown this weekend, not sure if everything on track now............ :(

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Nope! not mummy draw these, nope.. not kakak either, needless to mention my princess lar....Yea, its daddy's work. Eventhough we know daddy copy from a 'sketch book', still we found it impressive, especially the princesses like it sooo much! :-)

Daddy's artwork....

Reference from 'sketch book'.

The princesses oso like to do sketching on the whiteboard. :)

p/s : the sketches only last for half an hour and the princesses can't wait to draw their own! sound bit wasted, rite? lucky mummy manage to snap it & post here...... :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

YEAhhhhh...... :-D

Think God must hear my pray, and the 'crazy woman' [link to related post] eventually being transferred to another dept, heard her last day is end of June! Yeah, can celebrate with 'champaign' already! Happy, happie ler!! happier than strike TOTO! :-P

Monday, June 11, 2007


Mummy just met ‘Kim Sam-shun’ recently and has been poisoned by her. :P Yea, mummy is bit out, this Korean series was the top series back in 2005. Only now mummy watches it. Last Friday, chased till 3am++, followed by Saturday nite 2am++ and finally completed the whole series last nite by 1am++. Dunno watched it too much or watched continuously for few nites, the series storyline keep playing in my mind. Jialat, really get poisoned this time.

Mummy had watched few Taiwan, TVB and Korean Series before, but never gets poisoned soo much. Too bad this time! :-) Well, may be mummy has several similarities w the lead actress kuah, we are 30yrs old woman, ordinary and fat woman. Got one scene toking about the 'Kim Sam-shun' aimed to slim down, but end up eating without control and told herself, finish this meal first, tomolo then only think about the keep fit plan. Wah, like watching myself in the movie lar.......

May be due to the few common characters, mummy plunged into the story deeply. The worst part is mummy oso keep thinking of Ms. Kim's bf! Aiyoh, he is such a nice and cute guy who really appreciate and love Ms. Kim not the appearance but the characteristic, of course in the movie lar! But hor, if keep thinking of a guy (actor), is it consider a betrayal oso? Think mummy this time really watched too much until goes wild....<'shott jor'> :P

Should be stop for a while to chase all these series, daddy said mummy no longer young wor, if chasing movies till late nite not good for the health! yea, i totally agreed, not only the body but scare the mind oso not healthy anymore! Hahaha!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

~Car Pull~

Daddy just started his new job, and we are car pooling again as his office is nearby my office. Some of you might know, last time when both of us worked in Cyberjaya we were car pool too. But too bad, the car pooling last time really dun leave me any good memory.

Well, we fight a lot when car pooling, we could pick up a fight simply due to one of the party waited for more than 5mins, fight for favourite station and etc.... I remembered our biggest fight oso happened in the car when we were on the way to office. Fight so bad until i can't control myself and bursted in tears. Din go to work on that morning, and daddy straight away sent me home eventhough we already reached my office. How to work with swollen tearful eyes? Dunno what to tell the collegues later oso!

Later, to avoid we keep fighting in the car, we decided to separate car to work even though daddy's office was just opposite of mine. Apparently, things get better as less time to be together, we more appreciate with each other. Both of us would go for lunch together once-twice weekly. I no longer need to wait for daddy to go home and I can join the yoga class afterwards. Less expectation definitely less fight afterwards...

This time, we car pooling again, as my office in BU and his office in DU. We could save a lot on the tolls and the petrol as well. Frankly speaking, it is great to have someone to accompany especially stuck in the jam, journey would be not so bored. And i really hope this time things will get better as we learned from our lessons last time. I would like to rephrase the car pooling to car pulling, hoping spending more times together in car will pull us closer! Wish us luck!! :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tag # 4 : 7 Random things about me

Thx for Wokking mum for this Tag....

1. Keep fit always come out from my mouth, but i never success till now!

2. I scare of dogs, scare dogs will bite me.

3. I always day dream to be 'siu nai nai' no need to work one day.

4. Dunno y my 'moles' on my face getting more & more, very irritating lar!

5. I love to buy those facial & slimming product, but never use them at home.

6. I have a habit to bite my fingernails since young.

7. I like to watch 'soup opera' all those '3 8' series, laugh laugh no worries! :P

Wah this tag like reveal more on my bad side horr....:P

Ok, i would like know what about yours? hehehe!

Grace, Mommy of 2 angels, My life Zone, Jacelyn & Jessie

p/s : Oh yea, do i still owe any one of your tag? let me know if there is any yea...i have very bad memory lately! :P

Monday, June 4, 2007

Tag # 3:My fansee….who are you?

Get this tag from m22angels, but i really 'pai seh' to do this tag lar.....where got fansee? Wanna twist this tag a bit lar! and my new tag is ....

AM FANSEE TO.....?? :-)

Wah a lot wor, dunno how many to put down....hehehe!

Mommy of 2 angels - for her 2 adorable angels' stories.

HuiSia - a lovely young mummy stories on her handsome son & family.

Grace - like her billingual blog, yea, one more common for us is her gal oso name Xin Yi & 3 yrs old same as my jiejie!

Etcetera mummy - her cutiepie Ryan's growth journey.

Natasshea - a young beautiful lady daily adventures.

Laundryamah - like her 'ngam ngam cham cham' stories! (yea, am bit '8' ok?!)

Montessorimum - uselful parenting tips especially on home scooling.

Wokking mum - her maverlous wokking recipes!

and A lot more of bloggers friends which i din jot down here...if u see my comment in ur blog, means am ur fansee too, okie?! Hehehe!

Friday, June 1, 2007

~Sleeping Beauty at school~

Besides the MAD incident happened this week, actually there is another issue bothering mummy. This is about my jiejie's unusual behaviour in school since Tuesday. I got a message in my jiejie's daily record book like this : Xin Yi is very emotional today, had she slept very late last nite? Wednesday morning, when i sent her to school, one of the teacher told me that she looked like very tired. Ok, mummy thought it might bcos of lack of sleep, jiejie bit emotional at school lar.... who knows later afternoon, i received a call from the principal!

The principal told me jiejie refused to join the class and only stick to her favourite teacher. Yea, her favourite teacher is called Mandy. She told Mandy she was very tired, she wanted to sleep. She even placing her head on the table and keep yawning. The teachers saw her so tired, finally brought down a mattress for her to sleep. The principal called mummy to find out if there is anything abnormal happened at home recently which she scare might affect jiejie's emotional. Mummy scratch head until all the dandruff drop oso can't find a reason and this time mummy really panic! Aiyoh, first time received such call from principal and tok about my jiejie unusual behaviour sumore wor...

The principal told mummy they are oberseving her closely and wish to find out the root cause, at first she thaught jiejie might be bullied by the other kids at school. Later they watched her closely and found no such things.....then, the principal told me that jiejie seem like very rejected on her, she wonder this might bcos on she raised her voice when asking the kids no running around. Since then, she found that jiejie hardly approached her. This is one of her suspect reason lar.

But when i back home and asked jiejie, she told me she was happy in school. Strange! Ok, yesterday mummy called the principal asking how was the progress of my jiejie in school. The principal told me they manage to identify to root cause, the principal asked teacher Mandy to have a small talk to jiejie, when they are happily talking, the principal then joined in. Surprisingly my jiejie suddenly cried loud and keep saying she dun wan the principal! YES! YES! BINGO!

It is so true that they believed Jiejie might saw the principal serious face on Monday while commanding the kids to stop running. She feel scared lor...The principal told me, small kid like jiejie might not remembered what exactly the incidence about! But somehow she will remember something is irritating her, u need to remind her again & again! this can explain by using flash card to enhance the small kids memory, repeat doing daily. The principal explained to jiejie she was not scolded her in fact, and she need to raise voice in that situation or else the kids whose running around might not hear cleary. At first, she wanna hug jiejie showing tat she likes her, and convince her she is one of her best student. Too bad, jiejie refused! After the talk, lastly she managed to hug jiejie shortly. and guess what?

Jiejie no more complain she is sleepy and able to join the calss afterwards. By the time, she went back she oso waved her hand, bye bye to the principal. The best part was the principal later called a meeting on the same day with all the teachers, reminded the teachers not to shout so loud to the kids, and must be very careful of using pitch! Wah, sound very serious horr! In fact, the principal told me that this is the first case for her, and she is in the opinion that jiejie is a mature and sensible girl. We all agreed that she used sleepy as a reason to avoid class, the principal as well. See, what a cheeky Sleeping Beauty i have?

Today as last school day of this week, early morning, jiejie still cried told mummy she dun like the principal, keep repeat the same sentence. Mummy promised her to tell the principal to stay away from jiejie. So this morning, when i saw the principal i told her jiejie seems to still reluctant to her.....mummy scare the principal 'pai seh', so i says, its ok...just need some time to get over her, in fact now is better, unless now she just dun wan the principal rather than she didn't want to go to school at all for last 2 mornings.

Personally, mummy is glad with the principal and teachers reaction on this issue with jiejie. They did a great job by observing jiejie, trying to find out the reason. Take initiative to call mummy asking of co-opeartion of both parties, can tell that they are really concern about the students. This time mummy really pick up a right school for jiejie.

For Jiejie, like the principal said, it is a relief for all of us cause now they know the root cause and she need to do is only to find ways to tackle her, rather than have no clues at all what had happened to my jiejie's unusual behaviour. Yea, mummy agreed too! and mummy confidence the teachers there sure will improve the situation, and it definately need sometimes i guess! :-)

These pictures taken before the incidence happened, jiejie was so happy prepare go to school.