Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~7th Wedding Anniversary~

Last Monday (26 May) was daddy mummy 7th Wedding Anniversary. Yea, 7th years! A lot of ppl says 7th years is the year when the 'itching' feeling start, not sure how true is it. But i definately agree that both parties need to make effort to keep the relationship 'hot'! 'hot' dates, 'hot' nites, 'hot' figths may be! :P

We have gone tru a lot of challenges, up & down in these 7th years. Hopefully our relationship will grow stronger and celebrate many more 7 yeeears together with our princesses! :-)

There was a funny moment this year, when i gave daddy his anniversary gift, mummy wish him 'Happy Itching!' yea, i really said so! And when daddy saw his present he laughed loudly and happily thanked mummy's permission for 'itching'! Wanna know why daddy said this? Look at the present i bought for him!

A lesson learned : Be more careful when choosing the 'important big days' gift! Hahahhaha!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hooray! Kakak Robiah is STAYING!!!

Early of the year when mummy asked if Kakak Robiah wanna continue her 4th year of service with mummy. She was happily accepted the offer and immediately called back her hometown to announce that she will back for holiday in this middle of the year. Who knows at that same night, her mum called her back and asked her not to continue the contract. She wants her to stay back in hometown to take care of kids.

Kakak Robiah is a obedient daughter, immediately she told mummy she can not continue working here no matter how mummy convinced her. After a while, mummy was give up and already start to look for a new maid last Apr. I even asked around my relative & friends to help have a look on my new maid selection. Thx to the convenience of agent website, there are whole bunch of maids photos in that website.

Mummy had choose a new maid, called Agent to reserve and need to pay the fees in the same Saturday. Mummy also had booked Kakak's Robiah air ticket back to Indonesia. One night of 2 weeks ago, mummy asked Kakak if she needs to buy anything back to Indonesia. Ask her to think and plan first, later mummy will bring her to buy.

Forgot how to start the conversation she said the money she kept actually is not enough to use for a year. Mummy asked what is her plan when she out of money, if come back to Malaysia to work again, its not worth it, cos she may have pay cut again for half year for agent fees. Unless she really stay in home town and have no intention to come back. Later she think for a while, she told me she actually very happy working here and her money also not enough for his son education. As mummy saw her has the intention to stay, mummy offered her again, this time she asked if mummy had get a new maid. Well, she must thought mummy had oredi get a new maid.

Mummy ensure her if she wants to continue, mummy sure give her priority and lucky mummy yet to pay the fees, if not everything is fix. YES, this time she told mummy firmly that she wants to continue. Mummy is really delighted with her decision in fact daddy too. We both relieve that no need to get use with another new maid eventually.

Scare Kakak change her mind again, mummy immediately on that weekend bring her passport to the agent for permit renewal. :P Kakak is going back for holiday 5 weeks in July. I trust her personally she will come back but i scare her family or anything happen in her hometown will hold her back. Well, can not think too much too.... let it flow by itself.

But we are really glad that Kakak has decided to stay, especially my princesses! Cos all this while Kakak has become part of our family. The princesses even named her 'Ng Robiah' which share their surname.

Well, mummy have to pray hard that Kakak will come back as she promised after her holidays back in hometown. :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Daddy Mummy in Jiejie's drawing

So lovely Daddy & Mummy in Jiejie's drawing. :-)