Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pre-X'mas Party

This is a backdated post.

Had a pre-X'mas party on last Sunday, 23rd nite....It was a small & sweet family gathering. As expected, the kids are the most excited as they get several gift each on that day. Everyone seem to enjoy the party. Mummy had prepared few simple dish : spagetti, salad, bacon+sausage, potato salad, pumpkin soup, sandwiches and etc...

Eventhough mummy quite tired after the party, but frankly speaking i like this type of festive family gathering. Got a event purpose + gathering.....not only makan saja! If i no need to cook, i will be more happy i think! :P

The princesses were very excited as this year they know to appreciate more, and after the party, Jiejie ask for a new present everyday! Think this is the side effect of having X'mas party i guess! :-P

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry X'mas!

Today's office really quiet and no more 'hoo haa' cos more than half of the team was on leave. Yea, X'mas Eve...thinking of it, where got mood to work?! Some more, had a X'mas party at home last nite, today still a bit tired la.....

So, i had a very nice steamboat lunch with my colleague just now....we so called X'mas Eve Lunch. Now, wait for another half an hour, we are going for very last min X'mas shopping! Hehehe...

Wanna wish everyone Merry X'mas and Happy New year!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Touching news....

Read this news in Chinapress this morning, very touching and my tears drop reading this...not sure if English newspaper has published this news?! I've used 'Google translate tool' to translate in English....u might find the direct translation would be sounds weird for sudden words...pls bear with it, as i have no time to translate myself.....Just wish to share this touching news! Wish the baby stay healthy & happy always! A lot of blessings......




English version :

Mom warm embrace of premature infants restore heartbeat.

瑞秋born at extremely weak, her mother on the chest, the result of a miracle she survived. (Scotland's Glasgow on the 9th) - The warm embrace of her mother, premature infants restore heartbeat. Premature infants瑞秋four months ago when born weighing only 567 grams, every 10 seconds before a heartbeat, and no breathing, the doctor decided to give up treatment. But her mother Caroline wrapped in a blanket, that the daughter will feel cold, so she grabbed the blanket from the influx arms, is such a hug,瑞秋reconsider a heartbeat. British "Daily Mail" reported that Scotland is now in the 36-year-old biochemist Caroline said that she was pregnant 24 weeks, due to uterine infection and premature birth, did not want her daughter died of the cold, so Jiangchibao in the chest, want to give her warmth. She said: "Her feet were cold" Caroline at the same time think of the hearts, it is the only daughter she embraced the opportunity, she would like to remember that moment. Results miracle occurred, the body temperature to let his daughter Caroline restore the heartbeat, also began to breathe. Caroline said: "We can not believe that the immediate thing. Doctors also." At that time, the hospital has been pastor for瑞秋blessing too, everyone was waiting for her to leave. But瑞秋not only survice, restore blood. Caroline has瑞秋home, she is re - 3.6 kg, normal weight babies, and the excellent appetite.瑞秋no hypoxic brain damage, but have undergone laser therapy to save vision, also received six blood transfusions. Hospital Neonatal Unit consultant Ryan said he practicing medicine for 27 years, have never seen such a thing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


These 2 days were busy sorting the photos for print out. Ashame to tell, my meimei is 2yrs ++ now, and i yet to print any of her photos yet....All had been kept in mummy's laptop. The photos that Jeijei have oso 2yrs back! Pity Meimei, everytime pointing 'jeijei' in the photos, claim is herself. keep saying the lil one in the photos is 'meimei'!

As Xmas is coming, mummy decided to print all these photos, and make an album for each of the princess as their Xmas present. The photos had been accumulated up to 700++ pcs....Mummy used one whole day to sort them out and going to print 360++ pcs. Along the way of sorting out the photos, mummy feel so sweet....watching the way the princesses grow! Its just amazing! and very much blessing. Too bad, some of the photos are not nice if print out....a lot are for blogging material.

Mummy really need to take times to blog them out here, hopefully my princesses will find their memories back in this blog one day. Hope they enjoy to see their growth here and oso know how deep their mummy's love to this blog is mainly dedicate to them!