Thursday, June 28, 2007

~False Alarm~

Just back from hometown, a lot of work on my desk.... :-(

Yesterday afternoon received a call from clinic, a girl told me that my maid x-ray got problem......asked her more, she seems like refuse to elaborate. Since after the call, i can't sit tight....sure worry lar! This is for my maid permit renewal, i brought her to do x-ray & medical check-up in one of the clinic in Cheras Perdana last Thursday.

Immediately called daddy, get ready to leave office earlier and planned to bring my maid for 2nd round of at the same time. X-ray got problem means what? her lungs not good ahh? dun tell me she got any disease wor...aiyoh, please, please not to be Tibi! How ahh if she really got disease, then immediately i have to send her back lor...Wah, headache lar need to look for a 2nd maid...and the worst i really scare the disease can be infected to my princesses! The more i think of it, the more i scare!

Called my agent oso to find out agent advised to wait for the x-ray to come out and check with doctor immediately. Ok, brought my maid to the clinic for 2nd round X-ray, with my heart jumping up & down.... In fact, my maid oso shock for doing 2nd round of X-ray. She keep asking me if its ok for her? or What's wrong with her?

Dick dock dick dock....My maid came out from the X-ray room, the girl told me to left. Sure i insist to see doctor lar, then, she said no need. Coincidentally, my maid has a mild flu, so i want her to see doctor. Think the doctor oso knows my intention, he told me not to worry. My maid is ok, only the X-ray film they use previously, the colour somehow faded wor.... I suspect they use the expired film lar...

Aiyoh, should say earlier in the phone mar, then, i no need to be so worry mar.... !@#$%^&*~!@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*

Anyway, am happy she passed the check up finally! and happily working for me for her 3rd year. :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lil drama at nite....

This post is specially dedicated to daddy, tell him how his lil girl missing him. :-)

Last nite, when jiejie was about to brush her teeth prepared to bed. In the washroom, she asked where is daddy? mummy told her daddy is away to Jakarta for attending a meeting. Wah, her immediate response was like can not accept daddy is away, said wanna wait for daddy then only she wan to brush her teeth. Mummy saw that, just leave her in the washroom and waited her on the bed. She waited & waited, after a while she came out from the washroom, told me she oso wanted to wait daddy on the bed wor.... :P

Well, mummy trying to distract her by chatting with her while laying on the bed. Asked her this and that......looked like mummy quite success. Who knows when we are happily chatting, suddenly jiejie's lips moving downward, eyes bcome smaller and tears coming out....and her next sentence was, 'papa, come home.....' and since then, she can't stay on the bed, went down stair to look for her daddy and keep sobbing + mumbling 'papa, come home......' She went to check her daddy's car, when saw her daddy's car still there, she cried even louder! cos she knows tonite is unusual, cos daddy was not driving out.

Mummy tried to coax her to sleep, she keep said no, and wanna wait for daddy to come home. Coincidentally, daddy called back at that time, mummy told daddy to talk nicely to jiejie, asked her to go sleep & no need to wait for Who knows when jiejie holding the phone, heard was her daddy, she cried even more pitiful like tat. Think daddy oso heartache at the other end of phone.

After putting down the phone, jiejie still refused to go to bed, said wanna wait for daddy downstair. Mummy had no choice, asked jiejie to accompany mummy to watch TV. As expected, after a while jiejie eventually slept silently on mummy's lap. Then only mummy managed to carry her to bed.

Daddy said will extend one more nite in Jakarta, let's wait & see how's tonite? :P

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last few days were really hectic for mummy, meimei had fever and now still under medication. The lil girl is alrite now only need to develop her appetite again. Mummy oso down last two days with fever and throat infection. So tired and sleepy in the office now, but got a lot of work to be completed. The first thing my boss saw me this morning, not asking how i felt, but throw me with a big issue. Make me even more headached, thinking of wanna go home earlier to rest afterwards as i really tired....... Zzzzzzzzzz

Will be back when mummy feel better, no blog hopping for mummy temporary. Yea, daddy oso has to fly to Jakarta to meet customer today, lucky he will be back tomolo nite. If not i think of it, i feel more tired. Initially plan to go back hometown this weekend, not sure if everything on track now............ :(

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Nope! not mummy draw these, nope.. not kakak either, needless to mention my princess lar....Yea, its daddy's work. Eventhough we know daddy copy from a 'sketch book', still we found it impressive, especially the princesses like it sooo much! :-)

Daddy's artwork....

Reference from 'sketch book'.

The princesses oso like to do sketching on the whiteboard. :)

p/s : the sketches only last for half an hour and the princesses can't wait to draw their own! sound bit wasted, rite? lucky mummy manage to snap it & post here...... :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

YEAhhhhh...... :-D

Think God must hear my pray, and the 'crazy woman' [link to related post] eventually being transferred to another dept, heard her last day is end of June! Yeah, can celebrate with 'champaign' already! Happy, happie ler!! happier than strike TOTO! :-P

Monday, June 11, 2007


Mummy just met ‘Kim Sam-shun’ recently and has been poisoned by her. :P Yea, mummy is bit out, this Korean series was the top series back in 2005. Only now mummy watches it. Last Friday, chased till 3am++, followed by Saturday nite 2am++ and finally completed the whole series last nite by 1am++. Dunno watched it too much or watched continuously for few nites, the series storyline keep playing in my mind. Jialat, really get poisoned this time.

Mummy had watched few Taiwan, TVB and Korean Series before, but never gets poisoned soo much. Too bad this time! :-) Well, may be mummy has several similarities w the lead actress kuah, we are 30yrs old woman, ordinary and fat woman. Got one scene toking about the 'Kim Sam-shun' aimed to slim down, but end up eating without control and told herself, finish this meal first, tomolo then only think about the keep fit plan. Wah, like watching myself in the movie lar.......

May be due to the few common characters, mummy plunged into the story deeply. The worst part is mummy oso keep thinking of Ms. Kim's bf! Aiyoh, he is such a nice and cute guy who really appreciate and love Ms. Kim not the appearance but the characteristic, of course in the movie lar! But hor, if keep thinking of a guy (actor), is it consider a betrayal oso? Think mummy this time really watched too much until goes wild....<'shott jor'> :P

Should be stop for a while to chase all these series, daddy said mummy no longer young wor, if chasing movies till late nite not good for the health! yea, i totally agreed, not only the body but scare the mind oso not healthy anymore! Hahaha!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

~Car Pull~

Daddy just started his new job, and we are car pooling again as his office is nearby my office. Some of you might know, last time when both of us worked in Cyberjaya we were car pool too. But too bad, the car pooling last time really dun leave me any good memory.

Well, we fight a lot when car pooling, we could pick up a fight simply due to one of the party waited for more than 5mins, fight for favourite station and etc.... I remembered our biggest fight oso happened in the car when we were on the way to office. Fight so bad until i can't control myself and bursted in tears. Din go to work on that morning, and daddy straight away sent me home eventhough we already reached my office. How to work with swollen tearful eyes? Dunno what to tell the collegues later oso!

Later, to avoid we keep fighting in the car, we decided to separate car to work even though daddy's office was just opposite of mine. Apparently, things get better as less time to be together, we more appreciate with each other. Both of us would go for lunch together once-twice weekly. I no longer need to wait for daddy to go home and I can join the yoga class afterwards. Less expectation definitely less fight afterwards...

This time, we car pooling again, as my office in BU and his office in DU. We could save a lot on the tolls and the petrol as well. Frankly speaking, it is great to have someone to accompany especially stuck in the jam, journey would be not so bored. And i really hope this time things will get better as we learned from our lessons last time. I would like to rephrase the car pooling to car pulling, hoping spending more times together in car will pull us closer! Wish us luck!! :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tag # 4 : 7 Random things about me

Thx for Wokking mum for this Tag....

1. Keep fit always come out from my mouth, but i never success till now!

2. I scare of dogs, scare dogs will bite me.

3. I always day dream to be 'siu nai nai' no need to work one day.

4. Dunno y my 'moles' on my face getting more & more, very irritating lar!

5. I love to buy those facial & slimming product, but never use them at home.

6. I have a habit to bite my fingernails since young.

7. I like to watch 'soup opera' all those '3 8' series, laugh laugh no worries! :P

Wah this tag like reveal more on my bad side horr....:P

Ok, i would like know what about yours? hehehe!

Grace, Mommy of 2 angels, My life Zone, Jacelyn & Jessie

p/s : Oh yea, do i still owe any one of your tag? let me know if there is any yea...i have very bad memory lately! :P

Monday, June 4, 2007

Tag # 3:My fansee….who are you?

Get this tag from m22angels, but i really 'pai seh' to do this tag lar.....where got fansee? Wanna twist this tag a bit lar! and my new tag is ....

AM FANSEE TO.....?? :-)

Wah a lot wor, dunno how many to put down....hehehe!

Mommy of 2 angels - for her 2 adorable angels' stories.

HuiSia - a lovely young mummy stories on her handsome son & family.

Grace - like her billingual blog, yea, one more common for us is her gal oso name Xin Yi & 3 yrs old same as my jiejie!

Etcetera mummy - her cutiepie Ryan's growth journey.

Natasshea - a young beautiful lady daily adventures.

Laundryamah - like her 'ngam ngam cham cham' stories! (yea, am bit '8' ok?!)

Montessorimum - uselful parenting tips especially on home scooling.

Wokking mum - her maverlous wokking recipes!

and A lot more of bloggers friends which i din jot down here...if u see my comment in ur blog, means am ur fansee too, okie?! Hehehe!

Friday, June 1, 2007

~Sleeping Beauty at school~

Besides the MAD incident happened this week, actually there is another issue bothering mummy. This is about my jiejie's unusual behaviour in school since Tuesday. I got a message in my jiejie's daily record book like this : Xin Yi is very emotional today, had she slept very late last nite? Wednesday morning, when i sent her to school, one of the teacher told me that she looked like very tired. Ok, mummy thought it might bcos of lack of sleep, jiejie bit emotional at school lar.... who knows later afternoon, i received a call from the principal!

The principal told me jiejie refused to join the class and only stick to her favourite teacher. Yea, her favourite teacher is called Mandy. She told Mandy she was very tired, she wanted to sleep. She even placing her head on the table and keep yawning. The teachers saw her so tired, finally brought down a mattress for her to sleep. The principal called mummy to find out if there is anything abnormal happened at home recently which she scare might affect jiejie's emotional. Mummy scratch head until all the dandruff drop oso can't find a reason and this time mummy really panic! Aiyoh, first time received such call from principal and tok about my jiejie unusual behaviour sumore wor...

The principal told mummy they are oberseving her closely and wish to find out the root cause, at first she thaught jiejie might be bullied by the other kids at school. Later they watched her closely and found no such things.....then, the principal told me that jiejie seem like very rejected on her, she wonder this might bcos on she raised her voice when asking the kids no running around. Since then, she found that jiejie hardly approached her. This is one of her suspect reason lar.

But when i back home and asked jiejie, she told me she was happy in school. Strange! Ok, yesterday mummy called the principal asking how was the progress of my jiejie in school. The principal told me they manage to identify to root cause, the principal asked teacher Mandy to have a small talk to jiejie, when they are happily talking, the principal then joined in. Surprisingly my jiejie suddenly cried loud and keep saying she dun wan the principal! YES! YES! BINGO!

It is so true that they believed Jiejie might saw the principal serious face on Monday while commanding the kids to stop running. She feel scared lor...The principal told me, small kid like jiejie might not remembered what exactly the incidence about! But somehow she will remember something is irritating her, u need to remind her again & again! this can explain by using flash card to enhance the small kids memory, repeat doing daily. The principal explained to jiejie she was not scolded her in fact, and she need to raise voice in that situation or else the kids whose running around might not hear cleary. At first, she wanna hug jiejie showing tat she likes her, and convince her she is one of her best student. Too bad, jiejie refused! After the talk, lastly she managed to hug jiejie shortly. and guess what?

Jiejie no more complain she is sleepy and able to join the calss afterwards. By the time, she went back she oso waved her hand, bye bye to the principal. The best part was the principal later called a meeting on the same day with all the teachers, reminded the teachers not to shout so loud to the kids, and must be very careful of using pitch! Wah, sound very serious horr! In fact, the principal told me that this is the first case for her, and she is in the opinion that jiejie is a mature and sensible girl. We all agreed that she used sleepy as a reason to avoid class, the principal as well. See, what a cheeky Sleeping Beauty i have?

Today as last school day of this week, early morning, jiejie still cried told mummy she dun like the principal, keep repeat the same sentence. Mummy promised her to tell the principal to stay away from jiejie. So this morning, when i saw the principal i told her jiejie seems to still reluctant to her.....mummy scare the principal 'pai seh', so i says, its ok...just need some time to get over her, in fact now is better, unless now she just dun wan the principal rather than she didn't want to go to school at all for last 2 mornings.

Personally, mummy is glad with the principal and teachers reaction on this issue with jiejie. They did a great job by observing jiejie, trying to find out the reason. Take initiative to call mummy asking of co-opeartion of both parties, can tell that they are really concern about the students. This time mummy really pick up a right school for jiejie.

For Jiejie, like the principal said, it is a relief for all of us cause now they know the root cause and she need to do is only to find ways to tackle her, rather than have no clues at all what had happened to my jiejie's unusual behaviour. Yea, mummy agreed too! and mummy confidence the teachers there sure will improve the situation, and it definately need sometimes i guess! :-)

These pictures taken before the incidence happened, jiejie was so happy prepare go to school.

Updates on the Super Duper Mad incident!

Well, she apologised to me the following day by giving all those nonsense reasons : she was stress out by that time lar, everything went wrong for her la la! What the rubbish reasons! everyone has his own stress and tension, then, can i just throw my tantrum to anyone in order to release my stress? and the worst part is she holded my both arms so tight and firm, almost hug me like tat! WAh, ppl dunno tot i very close to her tim! very fake lor......

I warned her not to do this to anyone in future anymore as this really hurt ppl's heart. Guess what? she told me she oso felt very bad after the incident. Bottom of my heart, i scream : Come on lar, can i slap on you, then later follow by saying : sorry, am so sorry, i feel very bad too! It didn't help rite?! Oh yea, she oso bought me some cake cups on the same day! But for me, i really can't pretend nothing has happened! and from now on, she can't expect me to treat her as nice as before, Won't go nearer to her anymore, dun say about having lunch with her. Not that i scare her, just that no point to treat this type of ppl nice lor! cos u dun know when she will 'naik angin' again mar.... :-P