Monday, April 30, 2007


My hubby and i brought my 2 princesses to Jusco Cheras Selatan last nite, thought spend some time in the Popular book store, my princesses love to read books there. As usual, the princesses went to the kids section to search for their favourite books, and they sit on the floor to read the books, while hubby was away to other section .....

Told my princesses to sit tight and i turn my back, few step away from my princesses to take a book which caught my attention earlier. I swear, its really only few steps away from my princesses. When i get back to my princesses, hubby & i found my meimei was missing. We start looking for her in the whole book store, searching hi & lo, still fail to see my meimei. At that moment, i really panic and break out, tears coming out.... Told myself to calm down, and search for 2nd round in the bookstore, and hubby run out from the book store and search meimei outside. I was really panic at that time, keep thinking what should i do if couldn't find my meimei. Thanks God, hubby found my meimei outside the store! I couldn't control myself but burst in tears when my hubby pass meimei back to me, carrying her tight in my arms. The feeling of losing her is so scary especially thinking of the case few weeks back where a lil boy lost in a shopping mall in KL!

Meimei didn't cry, look at me silently while i keep telling her not to simply walk away from us. Keep thinking of this incident, and remind myself again & again not to draw my attn. away from my princesses where ever we are. I just really couldn't afford to lose one of them! They are my precious! Yea, mummy really learn a lesson! A hard lesson!


Suppose to continue blogging for the whole last Thursday, who knows the PC throw the tantrum and i was not able to log on to internet the whole day. Well, hubby has sent the PC to repair last weekend. See lar, thought can blog 'kau kau' at home on the off day but end up like this pula.

Well, i must apologize for not able to do the tags from some of the bloggers frends, suppose to do on last Thurs, but too bad! Yea, i was upset too. :-( Think no more tagging for me temporary, if i can sneak to blog in the office, i would like to blog my own stuff. Am sure you all will undertand. Sorry, sorry for not able to do the tags at the moment. :-(

Thursday, April 26, 2007


So happy today, woke up early morning already on my pc to do blog hopping......wah, got so many blogs and posts need to catch up ler! Only God knows how i miss my bloggers friends especially die die wish to blog but can't do in office. Hope things will improve once my hub subscribe the Streamyx later.

Yes, today is my off day, so got lot of time to blog blog 'kau kau'! Happy happy ler.... Opppss, my stomach is making noise now, breakfast time!

Ok, come back later and continue.......Die, a bit excited tim! :-P

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I want to make a confession, confess what i did this morning! This morning after sending my meimei to MIL house, when coming out from the junction my car accidently hit the 'Kancil' which parked alongside. I quickly went down to have a look, my car is fine only obtained another few more 'stretch marks' but the lil 'Kancil' dented a bit like got a 'punch' on it. Yea, i must admit, am a lousy driver!! But this is not the worst...

The worst is i hit and run afterwards....still early morning, around 7am++, am not sure who is the owner and i rushing to office too. But i keep thinking the whole day, should i go back later, find out who is the car owner and apologize to him? or just pretend nothing happened and its not related to me? as no one around at that time and scene, and its only a minor dented! Arrgghhh, souds like having 'Moral' class in our old school days, which u should do this and should not do that?

Aiyah, how arr? what should i do yea? dilemma larr....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ah Yee Where?!

My princesses are very close to their 'Ah Yee' (my sister), whenever she is around, the princesses will stick with her. They ask Ah Yee to feed them, ask Ah Yee to play with them, ask Ah Yee to bath them...... Ah Yee always complain she should take my maid's weekend salary. Yes, Ah Yee only come to our house during weekend, and Ah Yee always says weekend is more than enough for her, cos exhausted being slave to my princesses. She need to recharge during the weekdays! :-P

Last Saturday morning, the first thing Meimei ask me in the early morning ... 'Ah Yee where?' Mummy told her Ah Yee is not coming. Then, she looking at me for a while and not sure she understand or not, walked away then. Since then, every morning Meimei will ask mummy the same question 'Ah Yee where?' Yesterday morning and this morning, on the way to her 'Ah Mah' (grandma) house....whenever she saw the 'Kelisa' (same model of car that Ah Yee is driving now), she will shout 'Ah Yee, Ah Yee!' and this time...mummy's turn to ask her where is Ah Yee? 'Nehhh (with a finger pointing to a Kelisa).....' is her answer!

Ah Yee, if you are reading this post, pls make sure you come to visit us this weekend yea. The princesses are missing you so much! :-)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lil private time in car....

Have been worked in HQ about 2 months, everything turn better, better than i expected earlier. Even the biggest challenge, traffic jam oso din trouble me much. Dun get me wrong, the jam still as bad as before, din improve at all. But may be I've been immune with it, it seems that not so bad to me now. In fact after sometimes I convince myself that am not alone and thinking in this way make me feel better.

And after a while, i tried to find some stuff that actually can do if caught in the middle of jam. (i) Make calls, use this time to catch up with frens and relative. But can not make frequent calls lar, if not bankrupt when receive my phone bills. (ii) Listening to my favourite radio stations or songs sometimes can bright up my day especially those oldies which can bring me back to the memory lane. (iii) Flipping magazine (esp those magazine with a lot of fashion pic) helps to improve my fashion taste eventhough am still look like aunty, at least from very aunty to not so aunty now! :-P I even find another 2 things which i can do in the car.....(iv) SUDOKU! Yes, one of my favourite game! But sometimes quite addicted as dying wish to complete it, keep thinking of the incomplete game in office (this one bit 'jia lat' lar! ) The last not least, just come out this idea few days ago and i've practising now.... (v) Blogging, more precise... to structure my blogging material. Draft in my mind wat to blog on the day, once reached office, straight away to blog it out. Very good time management rite!

See, i have at least 5 things which i have no time and chance to do at home, to keep me last for a week . And now am kinda enjoy myself in the daily journey eventhough i still caught in the freaking jam.

If you have any idea of what else we can do when caught in jam? Pls share yea. ^.^

Friday, April 13, 2007


Lately, feel very upset with my own weight, frankly speaking my weight din increase much, but somehow i can feel my flesh all come out! especially when i sitting down, few layers of 'tyre' can be seen, very obvious. ~sigh~

I have stopped my yoga class since before chinese new year, after start working in HQ. Not affordable to attend any class in the weekdays as i can't commit myself due to the uncertainty factors related to my new work. e.g. working OT, traffic jam....

Well, i've tried to wake up early, 6am every morning to do yoga at home b4 go to work. But each time i find my body din wake up at all in such a early morning, feel my body very very heavy even lifting up my leg oso difficult. And the worst is i feel very sleepy too in my work later of the day. Cos sometimes i din really sleep well throughout a nite especially Jiejie and meimei taking turn to whine and fuss. Tried few days, and i raised the little 'white flag' (give up)!! :-(

Then, am thinking of do some exercise at home after the princesses sleep at night. None of a day i have sucess to making it happened!!! What happened was my jiejie sometimes sleep quite late, and sometimes even b4 my jiejie sleep mummy oredi went to meet Mr. Chou and having fun with him in the Zzzzzz.... land. Then, the pity lil one will goes to look for daddy to coax her sleep. Mummy very tired after a whole day working mar...Aiyoh how wor like that?

Okok, let do on weekend early morning!! Woke up earlier last Saturday, took out my yoga mat lay on the floor....Too bad, b4 mummy start jiejie and meimei woke up. They seem very excited to see mummy on the mat, jiejie wanna sit on the mat while meimei wanna 'oi oi' (sleep) on the mat. End up mummy got no space at all on the mat. Well, mummy won't giving up easily, try again the following early morning, last Sunday. This time mummy planned to do yoga in the study room and locked the door. Half way yoga-ing, 'Waaaahhhhhh.....mummy come mummy come.....' Heard jiejie crying loud outside, yes, she had woke up and looked for me. No choice, opened the door for her lor, scared her cry wake up daddy and meimei too. And once again, mummy mission failed.

How to do? cos Jiejie oso wanna do yoga like mummy wor, and she commanded mummy to do on the floor while she yoga-ing on the mat! :P

Am thinking should i buy the 'U-Zap' thing? so that can slim even when sleeping, can ahh? effective ahh? ^.^

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Water Play...

These few days the weather is really hot, last sunday mummy decided to let the princesses to water play at home. The idea come from my jiejie music school principal. Fill the water half into the container, give few different sizes material (e.g. spoon, cup, bowl, container and etc). The principal strongly recommend this game as it helps to enhance the kids maths with diff sizes and measurement, and the logic too. cos the heavy one will sink and the light one will float.

Well, am not sure how this game enhancing the kids in maths. But it definately a great game for the kids as they enjoy the play about an hour and mummy love this game too, being able to sit back relax and watching my favourite korean series. Hehehe.....

Separate the 2 princesses to avoid fighting later. :-P

Meimei is concetrate playing scooping the water into the lil container.

Not forget to smile when picture time! :-D

Some of the stuff for water play.

Jiejie 'coat' almost tear off, and here comes the big clip! :-)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Can collegue be your friend?

'Can collegue be your friend?' This topic has been discussed in one of our local radio station this morning and it keep me thinking a while...Well, half of my good friends are my x-colleagues. Some might lost touched for a while but still close at our bottom of heart. When seing each other after lost touching a while, we still can chat like no end and can share every single thing.

Personal experience x-collegues from smaller x-company chances higher to bcome friends. Not like now working in MNC, eventhough i got more collegues compare w last time. But still hard to find a close close friend. The collegues here more go out for lunch only and we hardly share our personal life. All are work related, like ppl always quote the relationship 'so close yet so far'! Needless to mention those only say hi and bye in our daily working life.

I used to tell my hubby in our working life, 'collegue come collegue go' those might seems very close to you, once they left the company, u probably won't keep in touch w them. Or sometimes, you would never ever know when ur so called 'best friend' in the company can be the one who back stacked you until you heard from your manager's mouth to be careful with her/him. Scary rite?! May be am old ledi, find myself difficult to open my heart in this MNC or is it too self-protective i wonder.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Drama! Dream!!

People always say 'if u keep thinking of it during day time, u probably will dream it at nite'. Am not sure how true is this, but its absolutely not apply on me at least this time.

Well, i made a dream! A very weird but still clear in my mind. The whole dream was like a drama for me and i still remember clearly the dream, eventhough it has been over for few days. :P

Dreamt my hubby and i on the way to Shopping Centre, suddenly he saw a girl and he called her name very excited like that in the car. I asked him y he looks soo interested w that girl....he keep quiet a while and finally confess to me that he loves that girl, and he told me the girl's name is 'Camelia', a collegue of him. (see...'geng' leh? got name sumore!! :P)

I was really mad, keep crying and 'tumbuk' him in the car. But everything look so final liao as he din react to me. I called my sis telling her what is happening, still remember i told her not to believe in any guy's promise. B4 married, they said u r his everything, loved u deeply. After few couple married years, they can act coldness by dumping you and love another lady. I asked my hub is this his final decision to choose the 'Camelia'? He asked me to give him sometimes, i can see his struggles from his eyes. While still waiting for his decision.....

I feel someone pushing my legs, 'time to get up to work' my hub keep urging me to get up from my bed!! NO..., i wanna know the ending!! too bad, i have been waked up by my husband!

And the first thing i did when seing him standing in front of me, i gave him a hug and asked if he has any collegue named 'Camelia'?!! Luckily there is no 'Camelia' in his office, if not i really scare he might turn up to be 'Charlie'!! What a relief!! ~Phew~ :P

Monday, April 2, 2007

Nursery! AGAIN?!

Mummy sooo happy today! cos Jiejie behave very well in nursery today! Yeap, am sending her to nursery again! after about 3 mths from her nightmare of school!

This time, Jiejie is more stable and she interact quite well with the teachers and other kids there. Can tell that she is very excited with all the activities in the nursery. She looks like loves all the new things in the nursery including the snack! Simple 'honey star' with milk, she almost finished within 5 mins and the dessert apple too! Her eating time at home easily up to an hour, what a big diff! :)

Mummy was there about 2.5hrs as the principal asked me to leave looking at jiejie quite stable in the class! At first mummy still worry, cos last time jiejie cried until vomit each time mummy left her there! Mummy heart's jumping up & down, worrying how jiejie doing at school! Surprisingly, when she reached home the teacher (following the tranporter to send the kids back home)told me tat she was doing very well. Did asked where is mummy, the teachers told her that mummy has gone back and waiting her at home, then, she din ask anymore. She even sit still and no make fuss in the car on the way home!

Thank God! think this time mummy has pick a RIGHT nursery at last! Yea, quite satisfy with the nursery, very very clean! (cos the principal got nose allergic too! :P) and quite number of teachers and assistants. Their teachings oso can attract the 3yrs old kids with a lot of changes and fast too!

Well, at last mummy can sit back and relax for a while! No need to worry which nursery or kindy for her in next 2-3 yrs. Hehehe...

'Playing Time' :-)

Jiejie was paying attn. to the teacher during the 'Flash-card' session. Theme for April is Tranportation.

Colouring Activity

Favourite session of the day : Snack time! :P