Thursday, March 29, 2007

Princesses talks

Last nite on the way heading to Jiejie's music movement class :
Mummy : Jiejie you lurvee meimei or not?
Jiejie : No lurvee!
Mummy : (bit angry) Y you not lurvee meimei, if you not lurvee her, i'll give her away to uncle!!
Jiejie : (think a while) Dun give meimei to uncle.....Mummy, u buy me another 1 meimie, i want 2 meimei...
Mummy : Huhh? y wanna buy another meimei, y not didi?
Jiejie : No...i want another 1 meimei, not didi!!
Mummy : ok, but where to buy another meimei, mummy dunno wor...
Jiejie : (without a second) Mummy buy from Indonesia la...i want 2 meimei, 3 meimei, 4 meimei......
Mummy : Speechless......(Wah lau, how she knows can buy a baby from Indonesia? sumore want meimei only wor.....)

Last two nite on the way home :
Jiejie : (talking to my maid in Malay) Kakak, bapa Kakak Bi (my mil's maid) sudah mati horr. Kakak Bi punya mummy ada lagi...
Kakak : Ya, Kakak Bi mummy maseeh hidup.
Jiejie : Ohhh...Kakak Bi punya mummy maseeh hidup. Saya punya bapa, mummy tak ada mati..... (mummy mumbling in heart : "CHOI"!!!!)
Mummy : Jiejie what is Mati? after Mati go where? (mummy wanna know how much she knows about 'MATI'!!)
Jiejie : Haiiii (like mummy very bodoh), Mati liao go pasar larrrr!!!!!
Mummy Pengsan!!

One evening in my mil's house, there was a aged uncle dropped by :
MIL : Girl, call 'gong gong' (cos he is quite old mar, all the hair oso white ledi)
Jiejie : aMah, can not, my 'gong gong' in ipoh! He is not my 'gong gong'
MIL 'red face' in front of the uncle!!

One day outside my house, my maid pointed to my neigbour's sunflower :
Kakak : Meimei, cccc 'flourwal-sun'...
Jiejie : No...Kakak, Sunflower! you tak tau meh? otak sudah rosak ahh?!!!
Kakak laugh like no end....
(Mummy oso laugh in the heart, but still urged her can not say like this to her kakak again!)

My jiejie Malay speaking is much more better than English, cos most of the time spent with kakak mah! Think Meimei oso following her footstep, recently heard some malay words from her. MIL said she now look more like a Malay girl!

Meimei is very good climb here climb there, fearless to fall! but too bad sometimes when she can climb up but dunno how to come down.....and she will shout...'Mummy, tulun....tulun!! (turun)'

When she wants something that she can not reach....she will pointed the stuff and scream...'eenee, eenee (ini)' or whenever she finished her milk she will tell, 'Mummy, abees (habis) nen nen'!

Well, this is my lil Malay girl at home! :-)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby baby where r you? Am here am here, hello mummy! :-D

Alarmed by MYLifeZone, i long time din update my blog. 'Pai Seh'! Mon to Fri busy w work lar, last wkend pula busy taking care of princesses. Daddy was away for Treasure hunt last wkend, so no chance and time to blog at home too!!

Ok, die die today must post something, if not ppl tot this blog no longer active. Hehehe...

This is a belated post, wish to jot down Jiejie silly's act of trying to be a baby again!! Yea, out of sudden sometimes she will request to sleep in the swing, pretend to be a baby! What happend last last Wednesday (forget the exact date) was, Jiejie told me on our way home after her music class that she wanted to sleep in the swing. At first i tot she was only joking w me, who knows she really meant it! Just stepped in the house, she asked me to put her in the swing! Mummy told her only baby will only sleep in her swing. Well, she said she still a baby!! ok, then mummy follow by convincing her if she really a baby, she must put on the 'jit jit' (pacifier)! (Intention to stop her pretending a baby)

YES, MUMMY PLEASE!!! ** mummy pengsan**

These are some photos taken on that nite, pls dun get me wrong for asking jiejie to pretend! In fact, mummy almost forgot to take the photos. Thanks for daddy reminding, and here is today's the material!

Still this is not the worst, heard kakak said, jiejie sometimes will request to wear her the diapers oso. Lucky her butt is too big to fit in the diapers if not mummy will have 2 babies at home need diapers. Broke mummy and daddy then.

See, even jiejie oso know that being a baby is a wonderful thing!!! Yea, mummy oso wish to be a baby, no work! no stress! no worries! ^.^

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New records for Tagging.... :-)

New records! 1st post on tagging doing in weekend sumore midnite tim! kena 3 tags in a same time! ^.^ Ok, better quick quick complete these homeworks and pass up, if not can not go to sleep! For those who tagged me, touching or not??!! :P

(I) This is came from Mommy of 2 angels :

A To Z About ME

[A is for age]:
Secret! but definately still young and pretty!! ^.^

[B is for booze of choice]:
No preference, dun really like alcoholic drinks...

[C is for career]:
Nicer tittle is Business Admin, not nice : General Worker! cos 1 leg kick mar!

[D is for your most dreaded]:
When my boss naik kepala angin, F@#$%^&! ppl around! Scary rite?

[E is for essential items you use everyday]:
MONEY! no money no talk! this is called life man!

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:
All the barney's songs (my jiejie and meimei's fav)

[G is for favorite games]:
Naughty game?! hehehe!

[H is for Hometown]
Ipoh mali punya! Ah Moi manyak cantik situ! :)

[I is for indulgence:]
Good Food!!

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:]
Apple+orange+carrot = yum yum :P

[K is for kids]:
My 2 precious princesses

[L is for last hug from husband]
Wah, this origin tag must come fr a wife! hehehe!

[M is for years of marriage]:
6 yrs

[N is for name of your crush]:
I wish i have a long list for this....

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:
3 nites when delivered jiejie and one nite delivered meimei....

[P is for phobias]:
snatch thieves!!

[Q is for quote]:
Dun think tooo much, `the bridge will auto straight when the ship arrived'

[R is for biggest regret:]
Not pursuing my tertiary education!

[S is for status, married or single]

[T is for time you wake up:]
Few times wan wor...esp jiejie and meimei take turns to whine

[U is for underwear:]
huhh?? okok, no G-string please! :)

[V is for vegetable you love:]

[W is for worst habit:]
very lazy sometimes

[X is for x-rays you’ve had]:
Standard one...required by the company

[Y is for yummy food you make]:
A lot of ppl said my fried meehoon not bad lor...

[Z is for zodiac sign]:
One of my fav seafood...u guess lar..

(II) Tagged by Grace :

10 reasons why I marry my hubby

1. Cos tat time still young, too naive! :P
2. I believe he is my Mr. Right.
3. Too boring to maintain our long distance relationship.
4. We had come to the stage either marry or depart!
5. No smoking, gambling, alcoholic & flirting....
6. I like his confidence and analytical mind.
7. He is a tradisional and good man
8. He can write a very touching love letter.
10.The most important reason : HE LOVES ME!!! :-)

(III) The last one came from Ryan's mum

What's in my bag?

This is the most difficult and pai seh tag. Struggling very much if i should post this up. Well, have to be real and true to everyone rite? Here are the pics of my bag! :P

You might wonder how come sooo lil stuff in my bag, well, my handphone and purse are not in the bag. Took them out for 'gai gai' this afternoon. These are the stuff which exactly in my bag now! :P

Well, not going to tag anyone this round! cos now am soooo sleepy and cannot think of anything liao.....Spare you guys this round! Good nite and Sweet dream everyone! :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


After work for 2 weeks back from CNY, decided tomorrow on leave again! Daddy is clearing his leave and mummy want some own sweet time to distress. Away from the work, princesses and etc at least for few hours... :P

Hate no time to blog hopping, somehow feel part of my body missing....even sometimes got time to sneak sneak for blogging, but still can not do it. How to blog? my boss just sitting beside me lar!!! Arrrggghhh.......

Finally on leave to distress come to my mind, might go out for a movie w daddy, or makan makan and jalan jalan (Sales is around again!! yippie!! ^^), or stay at home chasing my HK TVB series (watch more than a month, still haven't finish! :P) or sleep at home (din have good sleep for few nites liao), or blogging kau kau at home? (to do my homework given by mom22angels! ^.^) Aiyoh, wanted to do sooo many things, but only got few hours, how to do ahh ? Oh yea, me din go out for a movie quite some times, bit outdated! What are the good movies showing now yea? any good recommendation? or any good food in Mid Valley ahh? think will go to Mid Valley kuah...

Anyhow, looking forward to tommorrow lar....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lil achievement

Nowadays soo busy with my work until i got no time to blog. :( Wanna blog this quite sometimes ago, my jiejie's lil achievement in her colouring and worksheet.

Jiejie is very proud of her own work and we help her to put on the wall...... ^.^

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Hair Style :-)

This is a belated post for my jiejie haircut!

B4 CNY Jiejie was start making noise that she wanna go for a hair cut. The reason being is that she doesn't like to let ppl to tide her hair, may be sometimes painful if tide too tight. She make even more noises when one evening she saw her own younger photo in daddy's laptop, and she was very impressed w her short hair. Keep saying that she wanna cut as short as in the photo, very prettie!

All this while mummy try to convince her to keep long hair, tide nicely would be very pretty. Everytime, she refuse mummy will scare her to bring her for a boy hair cut! and in her mind, boy hair cut is like her daddy style. Nearly botak lar!!

When she saw short hair oso can be pretty, she keep asking me to bring her to cut her hair lar. I keep postponing her until a day b4 Chap Goh Meh. Finally bring her for a hair cut. Anyway, daddy oso agreed Jiejie should go for a shorter hair as sometime she may end up very 'lao sau' each time not tiding her hair. Here are the photos of my jiejie before and after!! ^.^



Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Jiejie!! ^.^

Today is my Jiejie 3 yrs old birthday, how time's flies! From a lil baby today grown to a lil princess of mummy! Mummy is very blessed and proud of Jiejie. Thank you jiejie for your understanding and maturity sometimes. Mummy know most of the time, u r the one who gives way to Meimei. Thanks for being Meimei role model and each time you try to explain to meimei what shd do and what shd not.... Mummy really appreciate it. This was what happened last nite on our way home, when meimei fussing and crying for mummy 'bao bao' in the car.....Jiejie told meimei to cool down by asking her a question : if mummy carry you, then, who drive the car?? Meimei, we r reaching home very soon, later mummy will carry you, dun cry! Mummy is very impressed, and keep thinking the way u told Meimei, eventhough Meimei might not understand what you said. Or few times happened when mummy was scolding meimei, jiejie came to mummy and tell mummy this : mummy dun angry and dun scold meimei lar, meimei still small mar! Each time Jieje told mummy this, mummy's fire immediately went down half or gone!

I must admit, Jiejie you r a big girl liao... you can even help mummy to coach meimei the right way! And of course Mummy is heartmelt each time you shows your sensitivity and caring to us. When you heard mummy is 'Arrg Chee', you will get mummy a tissue. When you see daddy coughing, quick quick you went to the kitchen and pour a glass of water to daddy! All these seing in mummy's eyes is sooo touching, darling!

Happy birthday darling, mummy wish you to be happy and healthy every single day! Jiejie you are always the princess of mummy's heart! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

Popo bought a small cake for jiejie, more on fun cos too earlier mar...can consider her pre-birthday oso lar during CNY in Popo home.

Last Sunday having a small birthday party for Jiejie. The photos showing the kids are waiting daddy to give out the ballons. Dunno y, the small kids like to gather in the staircase! :P Meimei was enjoying sausage on her favourite table. :)

Jiejie choose the cake design, but too bad daddy let her hold the cake, think she lose the cake balance, and the pooh's jelly merge out a bit lar...but the taste is GREAT! Pandan layer cake, mummy favourite too!

Jiejie loves her presents, fishing game, puzzle & Lacing board.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tag Tag Tag......

Few days not blogging, got a lot to post. But must 'guai guai' do this first, as this has been dragging for sometimes...........
Double tags in this post :

The first tag from Laudrymah

1. Who is the first blogger you’ve met?
Mommy of 2 angels, we used to work in a same place but we were not colleague worr...hehehe sounds confusing horr, her company rent a coffice in my ex-company. Thanks to her, i come to the blogsphere......

2. Who is the ‘most wanted to meet blogger for you’?
All the bloggers that i read their blogs daily....

3. Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
Jacelyn, shopping mum & lovely mum! regret la, planning to meet them during the CNY, who knows i forgot to save Jacelyn's mobile # and there is no internet access in my mum's house. Sigh..... To Jacelyn, now you know y i never call you during CNY lar... :)

4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
A lot wor.......

5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
Anyone of them in my blog's link.

Here is another tag fr montessorimum

5 Reasons Why I Blog
1. Read mommy of 2 angels's blog make me oso 'sum yuk yuk' to jot down my princesses growth journey. Mummy have very poor memory!

2. My family, relative & friends able to know my princesses updates.

3. A platform for mummy to 'fatt ap fung' (ranting)!

4. To learn from others bloggers too, eg. cooking (wenn & wokking mum), teaching at home (montessorimum) and etc...

5. Last one, very pai seh one..thinking of improving my eeenglish, who knows still 'half water' until today.... :P
Ok, the lucky one :

P/s : seems have 2 tags here, u can choose either one or both to do, or else not doing anyone oso ok lar...the most important thing, everyone happy mar, rite?! :-D

Thursday, March 1, 2007

'Chit chit'?? NO more! :-)

I remember clearly on 4th day of CNY, when meimei woke up from her nap. Her eyes still not open fully.... very blur like that and with her 'chit chit' in her mouth. I told her she is not pretty w her 'chit chit' and her 'chit chit' is very dirty! Ask her quick quick throw her chit chit, meimei act like kena jampi without protest, walked straight to a dustbin and throw her chit chit. And that's it! From that moment, 'chit chit' is not seen anymore.

I must say to wean meimei pacifier is much more easier than jiejie. Last time jiejie cried a lot asking for her 'chit chit'. Meimei did ask but when we told her, that she herself had thrown it in the dustbin in 'po po' house. Then she won't ask anymore. Only at nite, bit difficult, not asking for the 'chit chit' but very 'lou gei' for this and tat, dun wanna sleep la, ask me to sing for her la, wanna look for kakak la, but when kakak wanna carry her she keep saying NOnoNO! wanna stick with mummy only. Last nite samething happened, daddy complained that i spoilt her letting her to make soo much of request. I lazy to make explanation as i was tired too. Last 2 nites, i had beat meimei cos i was very mad w her for screaming & crying until vomitted when i tried to coax her sleep. Just dun wish to beat her everynite b4 she get to sleep. I had tried to ask kakak to sleep her, but she dun wan, crying & screaming for mummy very 'cham' like tat.

Think back, mummy nowadays really like 'gak yeh you cha gui' (overnite chinese fried flour dough) for not arguing with daddy! Aiyah, what for to pick a fight bcos of kids, sumore i lazy too...thanks to my work recently for squeecing me 'kao kao' until no energy to argue with daddy! :P

Anyway, if any mummy have idea how to coax the lil one sleep, pls share yea. :-)