Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy 2007!

Taadaa...The new year is here! Baaaiiii baaaiiii 2006!!

Jiejie is going to kindy another few more days, how time flies! Can't wait to see her go to kindy!!! Really hope jiejie will enjoy every moment in the kindyland...

Jiejie, be good girl in kindy yea...mummy luuuuurvvveee u darling!!!

Wishing all of u a brand new year filled with new hope, new joy and new beginnings!

HAPPY 2007 TO ALL!!! ^.^

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pak Tor

To celebrate our 8 yrs anniversary, daddy and i on leave yesterday and went to 1U for 'pak tor'! YES, daddy and i met 8 yrs ago and chemistry happened ...bla..bla..bla.. ^.^

Haaaiii, dunno how many century ledi since the last time we 'pak tor'! Daddy and i grab this opportunity to do some of our own shopping. Well, we din manage to buy our own stuff each time we bring the princesses along and most of the time only able to buy the groceries in the supermarket!!*sigh*

Finally, we managed to buy some clothes for the coming CNY. Yeah, it might be too early to buy CNY clothes, but wat to do??!! I must thank daddy for his patience to wait for mummy shopping at her own sweet time. We reached 1U b4 10am and only left by 4pm++! Eventhough this is not the mummy longest hours shopping record but its definately another great achievement for daddy!! (can shop for more than 6 hours wor) ^.^

Looks like daddy has been very well trained lately (not sure trainned by mummy or the princesses??!!), NOT the no.of hours he can shop but its his patience!!!! No more black and long face as old old time!!! THANKS DEAR!!!! Mummy really happy and appreciate that!! and this is the best present for our 8yrs anniversary fr daddy! Must stand up and clapppp for daddy's another milestone in his life!!! ^.^

Belated Photos

Hehehe, these photos should go with the below post....only today mummy remember to upload!! ^.^

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All about Christmas.....

Falalalala....lalalala...The festive spirit still in the air!

Sooooooooo much to blog about the Christmas, dunno where to start? Hmmmm....

Christmas Eve....
Woke up early morning...headed to my parents in law house. Long time said wanna bring them to try the 'fish head bihun' in Tmn Lien Sen but always couldn't make it! Hehehe...always can not wake up early in the weekend mar.....Finally we did make it on the Christmas Eve, thanks to the alarm clock! :-D

Glad they like the food there, we ordered the 'char kueh teow' and 'sui kao' oso not bad wor....for my princesses, the 'kei see hor fun' is the best choice for them. Yum..yum....(no pic on the food as daddy and i were busy feeding the princesses!). Thinking of baking some 'skor bars' for our Port Dickson trip, but too first baking attempt failed! How come it never turn up as the one i ate made by my colik? the recipe given by her looks quite easy worr.... 'Ling ling' & 'Bobby' are the only 2 honour guest to test my bake! ^.^ No wonder ppl always say 'see always easier than do'! Half day had been wasted in my mil house to do the baking. Reached home mummy oso tired liao...straight away go the zzzzz land with princesses after the lunch!

Halooooo mummy, today is the Christmas Eve! can not sleep whole day at home mummy! Ok, ok, brought my princesses to Leisure Mall by 5pm...hope its not too late to bring them out to feel the Christmas mood....Wau...the Leisure Mall very on, i shd say the ppl all are very on...can tell from the way they dolled up themselve! Kids and adult oso wear the santa hat! Aiyoh, just love the Christmas spirit lar, eventhough the decoration there was not so nice....but its the mood & spirit! Well, those Christmas song shd deserve some credits i think....

Of course, we din missed out the best part of santa clause there! My jiejie was scared of him! Din dare to approach him nearer eventhough the Santa Clause wanna give her a candy! This is the 1st time i saw such a cunning and funny Santa Clause! Y i said that? The first sight on him, he was on the stage, waving his hand slowly with the rest of the body din move. We thought he was another 'santa clause doll', when the crowd getting bigger...out of sudden he just move his body and shout in HO hO hO....the whole crowd kena shocked la (we r in the crowd too! may be tats the reason my Jiejie scare of him too!) During his give away the candies to the children, there was a aunty asking for the candy ....guess wat Santa get for her from his bad...a 'FAKE RUBBER SNAKE'!! Once again, the crowd being scared for the 2nd time! Daddy and i observed the Santa for a while and we discovered whenever aunty or uncle asking candy for him....Most probably, they will get a shock by the 'fake rubber snake' or a treat of banana!!!!! Yes!! 'YAAK JIUU'!!!!! :-D Anyway, we had a great time there! Managed to do the last min shopping for my jiejie christmas present there too!

Christmas Day.....
AGAIN woke up early morning ('Pai miah' suppose to sleep more on holidays mar...), get ready to Port Dickson! Yes, we have a family gathering there (daddy's side)! The 2 princess in the car fighting for mummy-space, Meimei is very clever nowadays....saw her jiejie's leg approach nearer to mummy...she will quick quick hug mummy tightly, crying in 'mummy..mummy...'bao bao'! Poor Jiejie, got no chance to sit with mummy, the minute jiejie sit on mummy lap, meimei will start crying, fussing, kicking and whinning mummy to 'bao bao'!! and jiejie always kena sacrificed mummy space to meimei!

Daddy lost his way to find the so called Banggalooo. Well, dun wish to mention much about the Banggaloo...very old and not well maintained! Luckily, we din overnight there. Anyway, the princesses refused to play at the beach, Jiejie scared of the wave! to see from far oso scared. Dun really know wat happened when the time her 'Ah Gong' and daddy bring them to the beach! Meimei oso dun wan..keep saying her feet 'ang chang' (dirty)! Walk oso dun wan! Wasted mummy's idea of buying the 'sand playing' set as Meimei Christmas present! End up, they playing the set in the bangalow without sand! can not build the sand castle la like tat.....

Frankly speaking, we din enjoy much there! we went back after lunch there! mummy and daddy very tired when reached home but jiejie very energetic cos she took a nap on the way back mar....she keep asking mummy to play w her, mummy 'bo lat' liao and very sleepy....scold her a bit and asked her out of the room! Then, she went to disturb her daddy sleep pula! Again daddy angry and chase her out of the room too! Poor Jiejie being 'halau' by her beloved daddy and mummy! Somehow mummy feel bad ler or may be awake oredi after scolding jiejie. Since can't sleep liao, went down stair to do some coloring and playing with Jiejie lor , where is my lil princess??? in her dreamland of cos!...... Later evening bring the princesses to the garden and let them to use up their energy there! hehehe....mummy's plan worked!!! The 2 princess slept well on the nite, daddy & mummy finally can have some private time together!!!! ..................................watched TVB series!! YES, FINALLY!!! ^.^

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy 冬至 and Merry Christmas!!

Arrrggghhh.....envy! envy for my sis and frens who can leave office earlier today! How i wish i can leave earlier too! Well, the whole office is in holiday mood! In fact 2/3 of the team are on leave liao...

Last nite requested my mil to reserve some glutionous rice flour for my princesses to roll the balls, my jiejie love to do tat as i can see she doing quite well from the 'play dough' that i made for her. Can't wait to go home to eat my mil 'traditional recipie' of spring rolls besides the 汤圆. YUMMY! :P

Eventhough am not a christian, but i love & enjoy the Christmas! Remembered last yr i bought a present for each of my family members......Too bad not affordable for this Christmas as i dun get any bonus. 'sigh' :( But i still prepare presents for my princessess, toking about the presents...aiyah, still short of one! May be need to do some last min shopping then! :-D

This Christmas going to bring my princesses to PD as we have a family gathering (daddy's side) there. Hope my princesses will enjoy their first trip to beach ...

I have some wishes, but not sure if Santa Clause will listen to me as am not a christian! :P Wish all my family members and friends have good health and happiness always!!

to everyone!! HO HO HO HO.......

Thursday, December 21, 2006


A Huge Ball
Huge ball? It's actually a 'fitness ball' my fil bought to do some exercise at home. But for my princcesses, it's a new 'Huge ball lor....wonder how they play with it? The princessess will roll the ball, press the ball & kick the ball, but they like the most is asking us to place them on it, sit top of the ball and bounce them. One good thing about this ball is the princessess can not simply throw it as they did for the smaller balls they have!

'Puller' Game
How mummy came out with this idea.... was from those legend P.Ramlee's movies! A kampong boy sit on the 'daun kelapa' whereas another boy pull at another end .... Meimei was soooo shiok to sit on the board and being pulled by Jiejie, and this game end when the 2 princessess fight to sit on it! ^.^

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A new outing spot

Recently there is a new garden very nearby to my house, brought my princesses there last weekend for the first time. The princesses were very excited with every single thing in the garden, from the plants, flowers, fishes, slopes, people and of cos the children playground too. Poor princess, must be hardly got chance go to the gardens! Fr princess become the 'kampong girls' already! **sob...sob...sob**

I must tok abit about the fishes there! wat so special about the fishes?...Well, first time seeing sooooo many of fishes, mostly all about the same size, swimming in a flock...feel very 'geli' lor! Below are some photos show how 'geli' are they!

Wondering how come soooo many fishes there, daddy told this kind of fish can breed speedy and that's explained why most of fishes are about the same size. Well... can not imagine that 80% of the fishes there are relatives! Gila!

The princess enjoyed very much to feed the fishes with bread. Yea, a lot of ppl feeding the fishes with bread, and i even saw a Malay guy feeding with those 'formulated fish food' . Very generous of him. Must thank him on behalf of the fishes there! Hey, we oso not bad wor, daddy bought a loaf of Gardenia wholemeal bread and let the princesses feed the fish wor...healthy rite? ^.^

We headed to children playground later then, a lot of children oredi there and the playground i wld say more suitable for the bigger kids. Not able to take any photos there as daddy & i were busy guarding the princess. We decided to leave the playground when more kids were flocking in.

The princess were not disappointed cos they found another interesting spot....yea, those lil slopes! Thumbs up for the designer of the garden! Jiejie & meimei enjoyed very much just run up and down of the slopes! Kids can be get entertained & happy easily, what more will they asked? Daddy & I were happily seeing the princesses enjoyed themselves there.

When the sky getting dark, we brought them home by telling the princess, the fishes wanna 'ooii ooii' liao....hehehe....jiejie said, meimei & her oso need to 'ooii ooii' then. Wah, daddy & mummy happy lar, no need to force oso wanna 'ooii ooii' liao...only God knows how difficult sometimes to pursue the princess to sleep...Anyway, the princess slept very well at that night.

For that reason enough, we brought the 2 princess went to the garden again the following day! hehehe **devil grin**

Some photos taken on the garden's view.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lil Barber

Last Saturday, as usual daddy had his hair cut by his own. Dun be surprised with daddy cutting ability! By now, he can cut his hair sooo well, all in same length! See, guys is sooo much easier. Like daddy, bought a hair cut set straight away can cut his own need to visit the 'ah neh' baber anymore!

I must admit that daddy hair oso easier to cut lar, only use the motor blade go one round will do, if not 2 rounds, okok the most 3 rounds lor... to ensure all in same length! (ppl said 'rambutan tou') hehehe...

Well, while daddy was cutting his hair...Jiejie run to me, very excited to tell me that she oso wants a hair cut ( Yea, I used to cut my jiejie lil fringe.. "Next time darling, your fringe now look just nice!" Jiejie didn't say anything and walk away...mummy oso din put this in heart and busy entertaining Meimei...

After a while.......heard 'kakak robiah' shouting, "NO Girl, NO....MAAAMMM!!~" "Okok, apa jadi, jerit jerit ni?"

I was stunned a while, when i entered my kitchen and saw this...

Yes, Jiejie had cut her hair, some hair above her right ear! if see nearly, can see quite a lot too...

But look at front, it might not soooo obvious lar, LUCKY!.... At first, scolded her for that, then daddy said its ok, cos its gonna grow back very soon....

Well, its true...but think back in fact i scared too! how if she cut her ear or face? as Jiejie still in struggling to learn the correct way to hold the scissor! Thank God, Jiejie didn't hurt herself this time!! **phew**

And for mummy, got another story to post. **Weehee** "Jiejie come, come & let mummy take some photos on ur new hairstyle!!"

See, Jiejie looks sooo 'proud' with her new hairstyle! A future hair stylist? i wonder.... ^.^

Friday, December 15, 2006

Princess recent photos

First time using, dunno i bodoh or wat? the changes of the slide setting just somehow can not be updated and display properly....Aaarrrggghhhh.....

Finally...Eventually...Last but not least, come out with this! Just love it, watch it over and over again! Satisfaction lar, after putting sooo many effort... ^.^

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moody or what??!!

Last night after the music class, Jiejie was not willing to go home. Told me she wanna join her fren in the 'play corner'. Ok, why not let her have some good time, while i can 'keh poh' with other mothers too! :-P

Suddenly heard a girl screamed & told her mummy that my jiejie fighted with her for some stacking blocks. Thinking to go nearer to see what was happening, the moment i reached the corner, seeing my jiejie was pulling the girl's hair. The girl's mummy shouted very loud at my jiejie cos she saw it too. Aiyoh, shout soooo loud until everybody looked at us. I know she is very gan cheong but no need to shout soooo loud lar, like 'lost a chicken in praying'! Fighting for toys is very normal amongst the small kids mar!

Anyway, asked Jiejie apologized to the girl and the girl's mummy quick quick brought the girl go home afterwards. I was relieved as they went back and Jiejie still willing to say sorry even though with her long face......

On the way home, asked Jiejie why she misbehave just now, surprisingly, Jiejie answered me that she dun wanna to play with others jiejie and gorgor, all she wants is playing ALONE! Tell daddy the story, daddy oso feel uneasy and keep psycho Jiejie that playing in companionship is fun as in Barney shows. Yes, Barney shows are my 2 princess favourite! They just love it!

This is the first time Jiejie comes out with this reason of playing alone, hope she is not potential of 'solitary'! or i rather prefer to assume that Jiejie was moody at that time! we know lar, girls mar! This mummy must be crazy liao, hehe........

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Busy, Bissie, Bizzie, BZ....

After 3 days break, today back to office really busy like having war!!! Singapore boss keep changing her schedules, a lot of checking and arrangement need to be done. This Thursday got a training need to be set up. Some more this evening have to stay OT for conducting a physical check on the staff work stations. Aiyah, this Ang Mo company do the check for every quarter. Think they scare the P&C info leak gua. However, the worst thing for today is one of my closest colleague has been admitted to hospital last night due to high blood sugar + low blood pressure! How come sounds so contradict, can get high and low in the same time one meh....called her this morning, being told tat her doctor dun allow her to discharge, need to go for a detailed check up and x-ray wor....she is under close monitoring now. Already send her a flower + fruit basket, hope she’ll likes it. Wish her a speedy recovery and nothing serious lor.

Ok, time's up! Got to go back to work liao.....can't help! Too addicted, sneak few minutes to post this blog oso ‘song’! ^.^

Friday, December 8, 2006

Another sleepless night!!!!

Last night, AGAIN jiejie woke up at 1am and start fussing around. Why ler every night Jiejie repeat the same thing at about the same time??!! Yea, I discovered she always starts fussing by 12am++-1am++. Crying without opened her eyes and kicking very hard on her bed! Tried to soothing her and asked her not to cry cos later scare will wake meimei up. Carried her to toilet to pee, and she still crying non-stop. Dunno y, my api just naik and drive me crazy enough to slap her few times while she was sitting on the toilet bowl!!!!! She of cos cried more loudly and I even getting angrier, I throw her in the study room which is next to the 2 princess bedroom and she was wailing to call mummy, mummy.

Asked her to stop crying and go back to sleep. While Jiejie heading back to her bedroom, I feel so bad following at her back. She climbed back to her bed and closed her eyes tightly, in the same time holding her tears silently. My heart broke into pieces at that moment. L

Eventually, she fall asleep after pat her awhile. But for mummy, somehow couldn’t sleep anymore! Lie on the bed for about an hour, keep thinking back the moment I slapped Jiejie. Went to look for daddy, told him how bad I feel…..

Yea I know, i shoudn't’t slap her, somehow just can not control my api at that moment, especially, woke up at half way of sleep, brain still empty and hanging in the air!! Some more, soooo stressful, scare meimei will wake up too. !! In fact, mummy really dun mind to wake up few times at night, all I request is Jiejie dun cry….

Dunno what time mummy then only able to sleep, but at 4am++ Jiejie woke up again, without crying asking me to pat her. This time, I let her to sleep with me and hugging her all the way!!!

Luckily, this morning when Jiejie woke up and reached her ‘Ah Mah’ house, she seems like very happy and forgot what happened last time. What a relief! Phew!

Mummy also wishes Jiejie to forget the last night drama, but somehow I hope Jiejie will learn her lesson too….haaiii, very contradicted lar… **sigh**

Thursday, December 7, 2006

'Blog Poisoning'

Recently I have infected by an uncured diseases ‘blog poisoning’. ^.^ Most of my mind thinking of my blog only, the story to write, the modification tat can be done, & many many more…if I dun blog for a day my heart will never be peace and cannot concentrate on my work too, and the worst is I’ve forgot to call my 2 princess for almost a week. (yea, I used to call them daily in office b4 I start to blog) Sorry my sweethearts, even though mummy is busy blogging recently, mummy still love u all as before, if not, more! ^.^

Hhhmm….let’s set a reminder! Hehehe….

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Panda Eyes

Mummy today really sleepy, not slept well last night. The 2 princess took turn to wake up last night, and they grabbed & slept at mummy's arm each. Ayo, how to sleep like that, think mummy sleep not more than 5 hours last night.

This morning mummy kena scare by own 'panda eyes' when looking at the mirror, no choice, have to wear the 'panda eyes' make up to work. Can not think well also, very unproductive today. More like a zombie today. Think need to get another cup of coffee then...

To my 2 darlings, be good girl tonight yea. Mummy really need a good sleep.......*yawn**yawn*

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Nice Photos

Love these 2 photos very much, wish to choose one to print it out big (10R size gua) and hang it on the wall. Hopefully by chemistry the photo reminds the 2 princess should love each other more as shown in the photos. Suddenly recall this phrase always used by the teachers in primary school - 'xiang cin xiang ai' (love each other) ! :-)

----------------(Photo A)------------------------------- (Photo B)----------------

Thanks to the princess 'Ah Mah', the colourful batik print blouses & pants fit the 2 princess nicely. 'Ah Mah' bought from her last trip in Penang few weeks back. Very 'Chinese New Year' feels, rite? about using these photos to print some Chinese New Year greeting cards? Hhhmmm.....another wild thought...hehehe...

Well, if anyone reading this post, please give me some comments which photo should i choose to print, your valuable comments is very much appreciated. :-D

Monday, December 4, 2006

Battle in the Car :-(

Last Sunday, brought my 2 princess to attend the 'My life Zone's prince, ZH birthday party in Mcdonald, Seri Kembangan. In the car, Meimei just somehow couldn't sit still and she's very fussy. At first, she screamed whenever Jiejie try to play w her, or touch her. Later, Meimei pula pulled her Jiejie's hair, Jiejie sure beat her lar...Wah, cannot liao...she keep crying and mumbling (in bb language), but can tell not happy w her Jiejie lar :-D Mummy oso whole body sweating handling the 2 princess at the back! (dunno is daddy's car aircond spoilt or what :P

No choice, to separate them, daddy asked Jiejie to sit infront and left only mummy and Meimei at the back. But Meimei still couldn't sit still, all she wants is to stand there and even dun allow mummy to hold her as well. Lastly thought wanna give her the pacifier to cool her down. Who knows, when mummy still searching for the pacifier, Meimei somehow lose her balance and bang her head on the 'side door arm rest' (where the power window buttons r)and this time the poor Meimei sobbed herself to sleep. :(

Even though the journey is only about 20-25mins driving, but for mummy, its like 2hrs++ battle in the car! Initially, planning to drive back ipoh this coming weekend without daddy. (cos daddy got to attend a wedding dinner in Sat nite.) Now, mummy need to think twice, think twice... **sigh**

Friday, December 1, 2006

'Love' bite??!!

Last nite asked my maid how come there is a 'blue black' in Jiejie hand? Surprisingly, it was a 'good work' of Meimei! Well, the story is the 2 princess were fighting for a book, Jiejie pushed the Meimei first, Meimei very angry and bite on her Jiejie's hand wor.... :( In fact a day b4, the maid told me that Meimei bite Jiejie's 'eye brow bone', i didn't belived cos how to bite at that part, not easy to bite that part mar... :P Until yesterday, i saw Jiejie 'blue black' on her hand.

I carried Meimei and sitting her on my lap, keep telling her that she shdn't bite Jiejie in the future. She looked at me a while, speechless, 'gelenging' her head and walked away! Headache -not sure how much she understand me!

Well, i keep thinking of this incident, is it bcos when she is small, the time still dunno to fight back, the Jiejie keep doing things she dislike and her only response is to crying loud. The things bcome worse whenever Jiejie approach her, she will crying very loud regardless Jiejie's intentions. Sometime her Jiejie only want to hug and kiss her, but Meimei very reluctant and cried oso.

Now, is this the way Meimei fight back and protect herself by biting her Jiejie? How shd i stop this and the 2 princess will love each other more, i wonder...........