Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~7th Wedding Anniversary~

Last Monday (26 May) was daddy mummy 7th Wedding Anniversary. Yea, 7th years! A lot of ppl says 7th years is the year when the 'itching' feeling start, not sure how true is it. But i definately agree that both parties need to make effort to keep the relationship 'hot'! 'hot' dates, 'hot' nites, 'hot' figths may be! :P

We have gone tru a lot of challenges, up & down in these 7th years. Hopefully our relationship will grow stronger and celebrate many more 7 yeeears together with our princesses! :-)

There was a funny moment this year, when i gave daddy his anniversary gift, mummy wish him 'Happy Itching!' yea, i really said so! And when daddy saw his present he laughed loudly and happily thanked mummy's permission for 'itching'! Wanna know why daddy said this? Look at the present i bought for him!

A lesson learned : Be more careful when choosing the 'important big days' gift! Hahahhaha!


Grace said...


etceteramommy said... joker la. Daddy must be estatic to get the green card from you. Happy 7th Anniversary. "Lo Fu Lo Cai" :D

huisia said...

Happy 7th Anniversary..though a bit late :)

MY Life Zone said...

hehe.. he dare not lar.. even u 'accidentally' give him the permission..haha.. 2 princess + 1 Queen already fulfilled his entire life!!

Happy 7th Anniversary!!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Thank you everyone! :-)

mommy of 3 angels said...


u sooo funniiiieee

happy hot 7 itchy anni!