Friday, April 25, 2008

Separation of Room

Jiejie is 4 yrs old and Meimei is turning 3 this year. Daddy think that its should be a right time to move the princesses out from our bedroom. Yea, they slept with us since the day 1 they borned.

We told the princesses that we'll turn one of the room into their room. Well, the pricesses were excited, daddy mummy brought them to Ikea to buy some furniture. And of course we get the princesses involved choosing their furniture. Finally, we bought a cabinet, table and a wall lamp for them.

Initially, thinking of buying those kids bed for them too...but the sizes of the bed frame are too small. Wasted lar if only use for 3-4 year. So we decided to combine 3-4 single bedsheet on the floor. The princesses love their beds as they jump & turn like monkey.

When daddy get everythings ready, the princesses kinda excited. as the lil room become their own territory. We move some of their books, toys and etc up there too. And surprisingly the princesses can sleep peacefully for the first few days. But after their 'new room' excitement gone, they become reluctant to sleep in that room. They wanna stick to their daddy mummy again.

Since then, mummy everynite coaxed them to sleep and thinking to walk off the room after they go to zzzzz land....but everytime end up mummy also slept in that room with them and left daddy alone out there. And this has been last for 2weeks++ until one nite daddy complained that he never expect to move the princesses out eventually the mommy is moved out too. :-P

Finally, mummy arrange 'kakak' to sleep with them. This will reduce the princesses woke up in the midnite as sometimes they need blanket or need someone to guide them to toilet.

That's how my princesses sleep separately with us nowadays. They seem already accepted the fact that their daddy mummy are sleep in another room. Sometimes, they still will wake up and go to our room. But we can see the improvement as they no longer scream or cry in midnite looking for daddy mummy.

This is definately another milestone for our princesses, and mummy hope they can sleep without 'Kakak' sooooooon.....


1+2mom said...

aiya..dunno when is my turn??My sis in law still havent marry so need to wait them move out than i can star my journey too.Scared,scared lar.

MY Life Zone said...

parent need to go thru a lot of 'milestones' oh.. dunno when is my turn.. haha.. dream a bit first... my next milestone is my son going to school next wk.. oledi start sweating.. :(